Everything will be OK


I post in a variety of groups- and I got a comment today- which prompted this response. A sweet lady felt bad and “Your blog had me in tears…” and this is what I said in response because please don’t cry for me, don’t be sad for us- we will be AOK.

“Awe thanks – don’t be in tears- it’s all manageable and fixable. We gotta keep it in perspective. I am filling the world with positivity. Went thru the kids room. Found UNOPENED toys from last year and year before xmas. COVERED in dust- am I asking them. NOPE- it’s in the charity bin for xmas for this year- it opens NOv. 1st and I”ll put a whole box of toys in there.
I went thru John’s clothes- found four things he was “missing” and have another large bag to donate of decent mens’s clothes. Then I went thru the books and sneakers- and had to toss 3 pairs but have cleats and a bunch of boots to donate. I’m off with 10 more bags to the charity shop- it funds a women’s shelter.
I am going forth with love and joy because no matter our fate- or Cole’s fate – we are not going down without a fight and with a negative outlook. We will carry on- if in a wheelchair- so be it- AM I free to take him to PT twice a week or more -YES. Am I free to stay at home because my husband is lucky enough to have a good paying job. YES.
Do I want this ? NO- but can I handle it- of course. Will I overcome- of course. WIll I get kick-@$$ arms because the wheelchair in and out of the car is dang heavy. HECK YEAH- I”ve lost 7lbs this week by non stop cleaning and only sitting to be on FB for about an hour a day and the blog from 5:30am to 6:30am.
SO don’t fret- and don’t cry for me or us. We will be just fine. And that is all that matters. LOVE TO ALL.”