The Village is Real


A week and a few days ago my friend’s life got turned upside down. Her beloved husband, Mike, was diagnosed with Stage 4 Esophageal cancer. Mike, a self employed auto-body painter, is now out of work and home preparing for the fight of his life. Chemo begins on Dec 26th so they have a bit of time to enjoy some time together. Life is expensive and they are not prepared for the loss of income -nor are most of us- and so their Village has come together.

Friends arrived last week with groceries, and Christmas is being gathered as Elves (most of whom do not know the family personally) purchase and wrap gifts for the entire family. Christmas dinner is being purchased and delivered and we are working on helping as much as we can. This is proof that there is love in the world. Cancer Sucks and we all know this but there is still GOOD in the world as we go through horrible things.

I am trying to just wrap my head around how a 54 year old, healthy man, wakes up one day with a Stage 4 diagnosis and no symptoms prior to this- just a few days of not feeling quite right and a lump on one’s neck. That’s it. The good news is he hasn’t been sick before this. Most folks walking into Chemo with Stage 4 Esophageal cancer have been sick for a while, are thin from issues with eating prior to their diagnosis. Mike has a fighting chance and it’s our turn as the community at large to help.

I have never done this before but I am sharing their Go Fund Me page here just in case you want to do some good before the Holidays.

If you find yourself in a position of need, do share that with friends and family. Start as I lovlingly call it an “Oh Shit fund” as we never know when something awful could happen to us. But even with the best savings plan as recommended by professionals – having 6 months of income in storage- we are all just a paycheck or a few away from disaster. Without friends, family and other sources of assistance most of us in this situation would be in a similar spot.

So during this Christmas season- do some good- it doesn’t matter if it’s for Jill and her family or for anyone else. Surprise your neighbors with tins of home-made cookies. Walk your neighbor’s dog. Buy the person behind you a coffee, or pay someone’s library fines. Little gestures or big ones are all part of what makes this world an awesome place. Go- do some good today! (Best part is you feel great when you do!)


There is so much LOVE in the world


When 2017 has been a tough year for a lot of folks with political issues and the world seeming to be not as nice a place to live sometimes things come back and surprise you. Yesterday I wrote Cancer Sucks on my Continue to Live and Flourish blog and it’s true, Cancer does Suck. Our friends family just got diagnosed and it’s going to be a really rough ride. I am a blabbermouth and although I have not shared who these people are I have talked to my friends about it, friends that do not know them.

I mentioned that I was worried about how they’d make ends meet. The Dad has cancer and can’t work. He’s self employed so it makes things a bit more complex. Money will run out and soon. So what do you do to help I asked a friend. She said “give me a minute, I’ll call you back!” Huh, what just happened. So a few hours later and I’ve got Christmas dinner for the family and presents for under the tree. Mind you, after I told my friend, I ran to Target and did some Christmas shopping after getting a very small list from the family. I wanted to relieve the burden of Christmas so they can concentrate on getting to the Oncologist (they were diagnosed less than a week ago and are having 6 appointments this week to determine a plan). Life is complicated enough they do not need to worry about the holidays and they have a 12 year old so I want to make sure his Christmas goes off without a hitch.

Meanwhile I wrote some friends from our local Boy Scout troop and asked for help. In the email I mistakenly added my Orthodontist office and just like that everyone is pitching in- even the Orthodontist. NONE of these people know this family and they are all bringing cash, gifts or gift cards to our Monday meeting. By Tuesday I will be able to have Christmas wrapped up and ready to deliver. I will also have gift cards, enough to pay for a month worth of groceries, and cash to just well- be used for whatever the heck they need. My faith in humanity is restored.

It’s like that scene in the Grinch where his heart grows 3 times the size. I feel like the LOVE in Palatine is just oozing out of every single person I talk to. I’m not done yet either. I am going to blast their funding page when it gets built all around the world. I know it’s hard to ask for help. I know how hard it is to wonder how you’ll pay the mortgage when an income earner is down and out. In 2010, John had a health episode that led to 9 months out of work and we could have easily lost our home. I went back to work but couldn’t pay the mortgage. Similar to my friend. She works full time but in today’s day and age you divide and conquer. She can pay some bills, and food, etc but not all of it. Life gets messy and our savings- what savings- dwindles to nil at times and in this case they don’t have savings to survive for long.

This is where humanity pitches in. We are all one paycheck (or a lot of us) from being homeless. John and I found out how important this was back in 2010 and we began to save. If this happened to us today we’d be able to make it for about 6 months. Our financial adviser told us we need to bulk up our savings to cover a year or more of costs. I didn’t fully appreciate how much a family should save because in one quick swift twist of fate it can all change in an instant.

Our friends will be ok. I’m not sure health-wise how things will go but no matter what happens, no matter how grave, this mother and son and father will be surrounded by love. The people that do know them are pitching in. Dinners to be made, a help calendar established by another good friend. Life will keep on going. Mom will take unpaid family leave to care for her husband and family and friends will figure out a way to make the mortgage payment. I feel strongly about this. I remember coming home in 2010 to an envelope on the door. It contained an odd amount of cash- like 83 dollars and I drove straight to the gas station and filled up. From that day forward our mailbox was the ATM. Anonymous and often signed notes with cash, checks and more kept flowing in. This is how we paid our mortgage for 3 months. Family, friends, college friends, when folks heard about John’s situation and being out of work they all pitched in to help.

Christmas 2010- the PTA from our school dropped off presents. Like a few bags of presents. Nobody wanted for anything that year. It was almost embarrassing how full our tree was. I was really in shock. I didn’t ask for this but somehow people knew and we were going to be ok and we were. I feel strongly that this is God’s way of asking me to pay back and pay it forward. We have adopted a family each and every year to buy gifts for as a way to always remember Christmas 2010 but my friend’s situation hits closer to home and I know I had to do something.

So if you are reading this and you haven’t figured out what charitable thing to do this year consider making a donation. It would go directly to a needy family. I am managing the donations for now. Once the Go Fund me page or whatever fundraising tool they choose goes up I will edit this blog and put the information here. I am buying Jewel Osco gift cards with the cash to make grocery purchasing easy for the Mom.

It’s going to be a hard road ahead and a tough fight. They did a PET scan and the cancer has spread. It’s not going to be easy by any means but it can be easier with the help of friends and family and complete strangers.

SO when in doubt remember- LOVE really does WIN. Love can conquer all. It doesn’t save everyone, and it’s not going to fix the world or fix our political system or fix a leaky pipe or a broken bridge but LOVE will show up just when you need it. I know that all of the generosity and LOVE that is oozing out of Palatine will help right the world for this family. It will make it so they can concentrate on healing and for that I am forever grateful.

Taking care of YOU is IMPORTANT


Taking care of ourselves is not always top priority for Mom’s especially stay at home moms or homeschooling moms (I’ve been both). You tend to think you are “less” because you don’t work and because you don’t work you do not need fancy clothes, or fancy hair, or fancy shoes etc. I never get pedicures, get my nails and hair done and all the things the working moms I know do. No judgement regarding any of that but to save money I chose not to.

What I forgot though was to take time for ME and make ME a priority. So if that meant a foot soak and slathering on some cream to make my feet Udderly Smooth  then I had to carve out that time to ensure I took care of myself. It’s like being on an airplane. If you do not take the oxygen mask yourself first you are not prepared to help anyone else put theirs on. This is a good analogy for life. But for SAHM’s it’s vitally important that you find time every single day to put that oxygen mask on. Have a cup of tea and call a friend. Take an extra long shower and put on a face mask and sit and read a book. Go for a long walk or just sit outside and breathe in some fresh air.

I know for myself taking time began when the kids got to be about 4- but for me that meant 7 years because I had 3 kids and when the youngest was 4 all 3 were in preschool and I got 2 hrs to just be with myself. It was hard at first. I’d try and do all the STUFF I needed to get done but slowly I carved out one morning for a mom’s coffee date. I carved out one morning for a good long walk with our dog and I carved out one for chores and one for reading and the last one was for whatever else I wanted to do. It wasn’t expensive to do any of these things. I didn’t drain the family bank account but I did put energy, and joy back into my “bank account” and I renewed myself.

So be sure to remember to take care of yourself. I have been forgetting of late. My feet are wrecked and I need to buy some of the Udderly Smooth  cream as my heels have cracked terribly. My youngest son and I have been sick for over a week and prior to that he’d been having some health issue for about 7 weeks and I let myself go. I forgot to soak my feet and slather them up at night. I forgot to do much of anything. It was only last week that I remembered to read again. I’m in a book club after all and I was hosting so I’d best read the dang book and I did and it was a reminder to put myself on my priority list. It’s that important.

Healing can happen

Healing is an important part of adulthood. (trigger warning) We must overcome adversity and move beyond the pains of our teen years. I think it’s time to get rid of the shame for what some of us have done to ourselves in the past and hopefully we aren’t doing it anymore but if you are self-harming, or not eating, or whatever it is you might be doing please read. You are never alone.

I grew up like anyone else. I was a bit awkward- never popular- and I dealt with some trauma. As a 10 year old I was sexually abused and I did not tell anyone instead I began to reduce my food intake at age 13 and I truly had no idea what it was I was doing. I was not diagnosed with anorexia but I can tell you I went from 145 pound 5’6 to a skinny 111 pound girl. I would exercise constantly. I would drink skim milk til it was going out of style- I felt full and that was all that matter. I didn’t have an ounce of fat on me in the fall of 1986. By November I was hospitalized for threatening to kill myself and they forced me to eat there and I began the long road to recovery.   The Anorexia Workbook is a book that might prove useful if you suffer from Anorexia.

There are many ways to  to self harm. Self Injury is a real thing. I personally do not think I did that. I never cut myself but I was self injuring by not eating and I recall I used to peel my toe-nails off as a small child when I was upset. I know it hurt so I guess that was a form of self injury. What I read about now is kids/teens/young women who are using small knives or razors and carving into their bodies to express how much pain they are in. If you self- injure , you are not alone but please do get help. This book on Self Injury can help.

Whatever it is that you do to yourself or whatever reason you feel shame or unhappiness in your life know you are not alone. Talk to someone, get help. Call someone. It’s never too late to heal from the troubles in our childhoods and it’s amazing where the world can take us when we are healed.  Moving on doesn’t mean you forget the pain of the past but it does mean you are healing and giving yourself the opportunity to live.


Find some helpful resources here.

Hope- One Step at a Time


Hope is huge. Hope can ground you, it can inspire you and for my 11 year old son, Cole, newfound hope can will you to walk across the room (albeit it limping). So yesterday was a bad day. We were given the all-clear for weight bearing by the Orthopedic doc because Cole’s MRI was “clear.” The Physical Therapist (PT) was all over him. Walk here, step here, put weight here, lift ankle weights. For one full hour he was working out. He was jovial enough- he grimaced at times but we left with him laughing. He’s a kid that will never show how much he’s hurt in front of other people. He had appendicitis and the Nurse Practioner left the room perplexed and he starts crying, she comes back in and he’s cracking jokes. Thankfully I insisted the surgeon come in and he asked the nurse take him to the restroom and he said “That kid’s tough- he winced pretty bad when I pushed on it but he’s acting like nothing is wrong the rest of the time. He needs surgery NOW!”

So when we got back in the car he was whining “MY LEG!” ..”IT’s a TEN!!” The pain was intense but he confused me. I gave him a Tylenol and dropped him back at school. This week he’d gone Monday but got dismissed due to pain, was out Tuesday, and we’d just left for an hour for PT on Wednesday. So I sent him back to “try” and within 90 min they called me asking for me to pick him up. OYE. I was at my wits end. Meanwhile at home I did some research. My brother-in-law, Mike, had suggested accupuncture or Chiropractic or both. I had asked around but hadn’t heard much and then thankfully yesterday an old home-school friend, Jolie, messaged me reminding me that her husband is a Chiropractor. I quickly phoned and in a few hours yesterday afternoon we had an appointment.

We walked in and I was skeptical. I’d been to one Chiropractor after a car- accident years ago and was told to become Vegan (before vegan was a thing) and it put me off. This guy, Vijay Patel, was amazing. He did a full exam and tested him in areas nobody else had. He pressed here and prodded there and asked him questions (the kid and not me!) Very quickly he said “listen- let’s try to walk without crutches!” and Cole looked at him like “Huh?” and within about 30 min of our arrival Cole limped across the floor.

Dr. Patel took some additional x-rays as the MRI didn’t show the lumbar spine at all and the lumbar spine is connected to the hip area (nerve and muscle wise) and well it’s worth looking at. He did not adjust Cole at all but had him do some stretches and exercises with a really nice guy (whose name I need to catch today when we go back). This red headed man had my kid laughing and was challenging him to do more and he did.

Did he walk out and run. NO- but does he have hope that he will be walking for Halloween OH YES! He put his cardboard making plans for his wheelchair away. He was talking about playing at recess soon. He has HOPE. Hope is no joke. Hope can be a teeny tiny plant that peeks thru the earth and suddenly grows tall. I know his strength will grow like that plant and honestly if you believe in everything happening for a reason I am so glad we are at this Chiropractic office because someone perhaps me needs to see if this doctor can get me off my nerve blockers. I have degenerated discs in my back and I could use some hope.


Living with your health in mind


I often wonder if the things I hear are true? Is aluminum if your deodorant bad for you? Does it cause breast cancer? I do not know the answer to these questions but if it is true do I want to risk it? NOPE. So I went in search of a natural deodorant. I tried the ones that look like rock salt, I tried Toms of Maine and I kept searching and then one day I found Schmidt’s Deodorant  and my search ended. I happen to LOVE the Bergamont/Lime fragrance but they also have a variety of other scents like Lavender & Sage. It’s really amazing. It took me about 3 weeks to get used to sweating again but I do not sweat that much except when doing exercise and I do that anyway but I smell like a really good margarita! Truly- I think I feel better- sweating is actually healthy and my skin feels divine after. I think if nothing else I have a deodorant that I love and I have already given my daughter and son’s their first Schmidt’s deodorants. This allows us all to live a little healthier I hope.

I have had health issues since I was 37. I had H1N1 flu followed by a severe infection and was hospitalized for 2 weeks. It was a very long recovery for my lungs but after about 9 months I felt mostly ok. At about 39 the fatigue hit and that never went away not until age 44 when I found an integrative doctor and he suggested I start taking Iodine. I take the Life Extension brand which also has Vitamin D and Vitamin K. I can’t tell you why this works except for what I’ve been told and what research I have done. Iodine is in seaweed and seafood (Life Extension brand is vegetarian/seaweed based). It helps boost your metabolism and also makes sure your thyroid is working well. I had all the blood work and work up for thyroid disease but I didn’t have it- technically but my numbers were on the verge so the doc suggested I take it. At the same time he had me do an ultrasound and they discovered a decent sized ovarian cyst 2x3x2 cm in size. It was partially filled with blood and partially solid. They quickly sent me to a GYN surgeon knowing I’d have to have a hysterectomy to remove it.

It took 30 days to get into the surgeon and I had already started the Iodine. In just 30 days with a new ultrasound in the office the cyst had shrunk 30%. The doctor said “well I had every intention of preparing you for a vaginal hysterectomy because this cyst is very bad.” I asked if we could wait just 2 more months- in my mind if it shrunk 30% in 30 days why not see what happens. She was willing to wait and so in December 2016 I returned, 60 days after my last visit and 90 days after taking Iodine daily and low and behold it was not only shrunk it was GONE. The technician kept going over the scan- is it right? Did the hospital screw up the first time and it wasn’t the right patient. The doctor came in and confirmed all the scans were right but I was the anomaly. She asked me what I’d been doing. I told her Iodine and she said “Well that makes sense. In Japan where the highest consumption of Iodine occurs there is hardly any breast cancer, cystic breasts and a very low rate of ovarian cysts.” And so I still take Iodine every day. What it did for me was give me back my life. I no longer have a Keurig because I only drink 1/2 cup of coffee a day now compared to 5-6 k-cups a day. I no longer need to sit for long periods of time or rest often. I am back to how I felt when I was 27 and that is a huge win for me and my family.

Another thing I love to do is cook. I have a vintage Cast Iron Pan that I just adore. You can buy them and season them as needed as well. Cast Iron is great because it adds iron to your food and for my daughter who is vegetarian I always cook her eggs in the cast iron pan to help boost her iron intake. The other thing I have is the Green Pan Cookware Set. It’s a ceramic set of pans. It doesn’t have the chemicals that other non-stick pans have. They are ceramic and according to the Green Pan website “Thermolon ceramic non-stick is manufactured without PFAS, PFOA, lead, and cadmium. The coating won’t blister, peel or release any harmful fumes, even if you accidentally overheat your pan.” I trust the fact that teflon is bad for you so I got rid of all my non-stick teflon pans and only use my Cast Iron Pan or my Green Pans as I feel like it’s the least I can do- not add chemicals to the food I feed my family. 

So try and live with your health in mind. It just might make a difference.

Preserve the earth


Preserve dish sets have changed my life. About 7 years ago I discovered Preserve Toothbrushes. They are made from recycled plastic and they are amazing. They are made similar to the Reach brush and they work great. I read up on the company and found they made cups, plates, and silverware. I purchased a set of dishes on Amazon and then another set and then another. I stocked up on a set of 12 dishes and it said that when the dishes were no longer usable we could ship them back and they’d be made into recycled plastic park benches. You can turn in any of their products for the same purpose.

I was intrigued and I figured my new plastic plates would last maybe a year. Well it’s now 2017 and they are still going strong. I have microwaved them and put them in the dishwasher. They are getting a bit ragged so I have opted to purchase another set of 12 plates and tumblers. I am excited because they will last another 6-7 years and that is enough for me. It makes life easier. I no longer buy paper plates and I think I have saved a few trees. We also use linen/cloth napkins. Little things can preserve the earth.

This is how we roll….

So in the midst of all the chaos with our new life that includes modalities like crutches and a wheelchair what do we do? Do we sit and wallow? NO- do we wonder when Cole- age 11- will get out of his wheelchair? NO. We put that kid to work to figure out what he wants to be for Halloween and do you know what? The options are endless. Holy smokes people are creative. Tank chairs, and spaceship chairs, and the Ice cream truck chair- I am in awe. From Trains to planes to boats if you can use some duct-tape and some cardboard and whatever else you can think of you can make a truly exceptional Halloween Costume.

Since I am not particularly crafty (I say that and I have made their Halloween costumes year after year) with duct tape and cardboard. I am going to beg or rather- ask nicely- our really amazing Boy Scout, Scoutmaster. We had a rain-gutter regatta (full sized) and he built a usable Kayak. Like gray duct tape over construction grade cardboard- use and boat across a pool and quite frankly he could have taken the home made kayak to a lake and paddled across. He is a construction guy and has some engineering talent. Perhaps I should out his name and post this to his FB page (does he even have that? ) and then I could just manage to get him to help  us. Alternatively I could just ask him on Monday night at our regularly scheduled meeting. Yeah- I’ll do the latter.

So when life gives you something you do not expect. If you are hoping beyond hope that your son can carry his own candy bag and walk the neighborhood and if you are in tears because you pretty much can count on that NOT happening- fear not. Your kid will simply say “Mom- I need to figure out how we can build a costume around this chair!” And that is how a long weekend becomes a fun- idea generating- amazing time. This wheelchair is not the end of his fun. It’s just the beginning of a whole new epic journey.

Cast Iron Pans- Vintage ones are amazing

cast iron pan

There is nothing like cooking in a Cast Iron Pan. A vintage one is amazing- smooth texture and usually well used and well seasoned. If you come across one in your mother’s kitchen like I did all you have to do is clean it and re-season it.

I simply washed my rusted vintage cast iron pan in hot water and used salt to get rid of the rust. Then I heated my oven to a hot 425 degrees. I took a spatula and put about 2 Tablespoons of Coconut oil in the bottom of the clean pan and began to rub it in. There was plenty of excess. Once the oven was hot I put a piece of aluminum foil on the bottom wrack and then I inverted the pan over the foil and baked it for 90 minutes. When I removed my piping hot pan I turned it over onto the stove and wiped it out and rubbed in the seasoning. It was ready to use. I let it cool and made scrambled eggs for dinner. It was silly but I did it and the pan was like a non-stick pan. The eggs slid right out of it ( I did spray it with coconut oil before I poured the eggs into it.). Cast Iron not only retains it’s heat but it adds iron to your food so for my daughter who is a vegetarian and at risk for anemia due to her lack of eating iron rich foods cooking in cast iron can be a real life saver.

I love my Cast Iron Pan. Currently I have it greased and with a store bought pizza dough in the pan. I added sauce and cheese and we will have an oven baked pizza soon. It smells amazing and I can tell this was a really good idea.

Go find a vintage Cast Iron pan today. It will make you enjoy cooking again.

I’d like off this Medical Mystery train…

medical mystery

Another day another doctor here. On the evening of September 25th our youngest son, Cole, was petting our dog. It was past his bed-time and he claimed he could not get up from the floor. It was 9:30pm and a school night. “Cole- seriously go to bed!” I firmly stated. He said “I can’t get up.” Me- “Harumph! I said GO TO BED!” He stretched and moaned and groaned. He belly ached like his nickname so aptly states “Cole quit acting like the ’90 year old man’ and GO TO BED!”

My husband, John, took the limping boy up to bed. Unbeknownst to me he diagnosed our son. “Cole you are like Gronkowski (we are Patriots fans and apparently Gronk has this wrong with him) and you must have a groin pull.” So the kid goes to bed with the knowledge that his pain is warranted due to a groin pull. I have no freaking clue that this conversation even went down.

Tuesday September 26th- band drop off day and like every Tuesday you drive into the car loop- you hope your kid flies out of the car. You wave to the band teacher and you drive away. Do you LOOK at your kid limping into the school. NO – you do not or if you did you’d be at the doctors by the time it opened. School is over Tuesday afternoon and you realize that you need to walk and pick up your son as it’s band day and he can’t carry his chrome book, lunch box, back pack, and trumpet all by himself. You walk over. The usual corner you meet him at- he’s not there. You keep walking to see him crossing the street dragging his right leg behind him. In horror you exclaim “Cole are you OK?? Did you hurt yourself in GYM?!” And the kid responds “NO MOM! I am HURTING just like I WAS THIS MORNING!!! My GROIN PULL is KILLING ME!!!”

Ok “Wait what?!” and within minutes you are helping the boy hobble home carrying all his stuff and manage the dog on her leash and a phone in one hand calling the doctor. That began a nearly doctor a day visit til yesterday Friday October 6th. We saw primary docs, Orthopedic docs, Infectious disease docs. We had X-rays, MRI, more x-rays, bloodwork and other tests. Yesterday afternoon we had our 2nd opinion at Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago. It did not go well in my opinion. Dr. Sagan was lovely and the staff was amazing. What she said is what did not go well. “Well I see they are looking for Avascular Femoral Necrosis.”  “I’m sorry what is that?” She went onto explain that the MRI we had was “less than optimal” and that without contrast dye the MRI was essentially useless in diagnosing this condition. Avascular Femoral Necrosis meant that blood supply had been lost to the Femoral bone and that when this happens the head of the Femoral bone (the one that is in the hip socket) dies and you present with groin pain and inability to bear weight.

Ok- so is this bad? YES. Does it get better? YES. BUT- it takes time- and really she would not go into a care plan or anything except to say that if in 2 weeks he was NOT better or if he got worse (call sooner) she would be doing an MRI with contrast dye in the city with better scanning and another “diffusion” test done during the MRI which would 100% diagnose if it’s this condition.

So yeah- we are “puzzling” and “mysterious” to docs. He presents as a healthy child- no fevers, no malaise, nothing except pain deep in his groin on his right side. Pain in the hip and inability to bear weight. Oh and did I mention we are in PT twice a week and of course both appt’s are during school. That doesn’t much matter though because all the school missed he can make up any and all work during recess which he can no longer go to due to his wheelchair. Oh did I mention he’s in a wheelchair? Thankfully PT taught him how to use crutches better so he can use them in the house. Oh and did I mention that last night while picking up his older brother (age 14) from his Boy Scout patrol meeting that my car wouldn’t start and that the wheelchair and the car are now parked in front of a friend’s house waiting for us to get a tow this morning? Yeah- this stinks.

So hopefully we can get the van fixed so the wheelchair can make it to school on Wednesday (long weekend- Monday Holiday and Tuesday teacher day). I really can’t take it anymore. I clean (use to eat) when I am stressed. I have lost 7lbs this week. I have a very clean house which is very ODD to the family. Housekeeping is NOT my gift so for it to be clean, tidy, and organized- it’s kind of shocking.

SO medical mysteries aside…our dog has been waking up at 3am most of the past week and I have the honor of taking her out and walking her (she has to pee/poop). BUT I cannot get back to sleep. She is splayed out snoring on the floor at this lovely hour of 3:46am and here I am talking to all of you.

So say a prayer if you pray. Send healing thoughts if that is what you do. Freakin’ consult the stars or talk to a guru. Just heal my baby please. He’s only 11 and really he has to STOP being THE 90 YEAR OLD MAN!