About Allie

I’ve been through a lot. I often joke that my life is a series of bad Lifetime movies. I don’t judge nor pretend to know it all but I’m able to listen, relate, empathize and provide a voice while navigating this life.  Everyones got problems and there aren’t always answers but I’ll give you the best advice that I’ve got and help you take it from there.

I’m a mother of three and married to my best friend since 2001. We’ve been through a lot. From infertility before we had kids, to medical issues from day 2 of our oldest son’s life, from public school to 5 years of homeschooling and back to public school in 2017.   Everyones situation is unique and we all cope in different ways. I’ve been thru a lot and I feel like my life experience can help others and that is what I aim to do.

If you need a companion along the way send me a note and not to worry I’m seldom at a loss for words, ideas or quirky fun views.*

*Disclaimer- Any and all advice is just that- advice- and is not meant to replace advice from a professional. Any information shared is life experiences and things that have worked for me. Take all advice at your own risk. Ask your doctor or professional regarding any lifestyle changes you may opt to make. Advice from Allie is not responsible for what you do with the advice you decide to follow.

There are affiliate links from Target and Amazon in the articles (in some not all) and they link to products I have personally used. It is not an income maker so far in 2 weeks I’ve made 98 cents! So know that if I make anything it’ll probably just keep me in coffee so I can continue to blog at 5am ;-).