Follow your passions

Whatever your passions are, follow them. If it’s writing- by all means write- and write daily! Painting, sculpture, reading- all of it- do what makes you happy and do a lot of it. It heals the soul. For me- it’s writing and volunteering that really make me truly happy. No matter what is going on- I am happier when I am giving to others and I’m always happy after I’ve been writing.

I think life takes over at times and we often forget what our passions even are. If you don’t know- it’s ok to explore your options. Take a painting class, read a new book, start a yoga class or whatever it is that suits your fancy. It’s important to concentrate on happiness and whatever it is that makes you happy is worthwhile. Don’t let your kids, your spouse or your extended family take away from what you need to feed your soul. It’s not that I’m advocating that you ditch your family or friends but that you take time to breathe and be there for yourself. If you are there for YOU and you do things that make you feel good then you are full and you can give to others. If you are empty then you cannot do anything for anyone else.

So follow your passions, feed your soul and take good care of yourself.


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