Follow your passions

Whatever your passions are, follow them. If it’s writing- by all means write- and write daily! Painting, sculpture, reading- all of it- do what makes you happy and do a lot of it. It heals the soul. For me- it’s writing and volunteering that really make me truly happy. No matter what is going on- I am happier when I am giving to others and I’m always happy after I’ve been writing.

I think life takes over at times and we often forget what our passions even are. If you don’t know- it’s ok to explore your options. Take a painting class, read a new book, start a yoga class or whatever it is that suits your fancy. It’s important to concentrate on happiness and whatever it is that makes you happy is worthwhile. Don’t let your kids, your spouse or your extended family take away from what you need to feed your soul. It’s not that I’m advocating that you ditch your family or friends but that you take time to breathe and be there for yourself. If you are there for YOU and you do things that make you feel good then you are full and you can give to others. If you are empty then you cannot do anything for anyone else.

So follow your passions, feed your soul and take good care of yourself.


Life is a Balance…

Life is good. It’s July 8th and life is feeling like it’s going in the right direction. My part-time job had been very slow the past 2 months and I’m looking forward to a fast paced short gig the next few weeks. I’ll be typing up recipes that are from a family and are all very old. I’m looking forward to reading what this family cooked for each other and what recipes are treasured. It’ll be fun. Normally data-entry is boring and as a fast typist I can do pretty much any sort of typing job but I don’t as I find most of it all boring. But typing up military service records and doing research and this recipe typing job are fun. I find it interesting to peak into another person’s life and explore where life led them.

I am currently trying to live a life in balance. I am struggling with the 25lbs that I’ve put on in the past 2 years. I tried to tell myself I put on all 25lb since June 2017 but that’s not true. I went to the doctor after my Gall Bladder surgery in May and they told me that in fact I was 160 lbs June of 2017 and that I was now 174. Ahh…harumph. I had been 150 in 2016. So that sort of changes things. I need to reboot my body with exercise and also healthy eating.

I have tried to think about this life challenge as just that- a challenge. Nothing to be worried about or frustrated with but just something that I sort of have to do. I want to be strong for my kids and my future grand-kids. Really- that’s what it’s all about. Family and being strong for myself. I want to be able to do my own driving, grocery shopping and life a productive life into my 90’s and in order to do that I need to take care of my 45 year old (soon to be 46 year old) self.

Yesterday we did a family outing. We went canoeing at Busse Woods and it was great. We were out on the water for exactly an hour (how we managed that without a watch, I’ll never know) and it felt great. It was loads of arm work and I am feeling it today. Meghan and I shared a canoe, John took a kayak and the boys shared a canoe. It was so much fun and the weather was grand. Low humidity- in the 80’s and sunny. We are trying to ensure that each weekend we do something that is offline, outside and involves healthy exercise. This afternoon we will head to the pool and John and I will swim laps while the kids goof around. I never used to like summer and now I am realizing I have to embrace all the seasons and find things to do that I enjoy.

Food- food is my biggest weakness as I like to eat. Prior to getting my gallbladder removed I was struggling anytime I ate any fat- even healthy fats like avacado or salmon. Now about 8 weeks post-op I can eat and drink anything I want. It’s awesome. Problem is I developed a love of carbs when I was on my low-fat diet and it was good at the time because I didn’t get sick on carbs but now I crave them and it’s a struggle. I am trying to eat less carbs, healthy fats and have enough vegetables and protein. I cook mostly from scratch so it’s fairly easy to ensure we have healthy foods going into recipes but I also like to bake. I found out that fiber can counter your carb intake so I am adding Acai fiber to baked goods and it’s helped. One piece of banana bread is so filling and I don’t go back for a second one. Small steps- I will make it there.

So balance- it’s hard to figure it all out. Time for me, time for my husband and myself (marriages need attention), and time for the kids all need to be carefully balanced along with working part-time and exercise- it’s like my days are full. Cleaning- ugh- if I didn’t have to ever clean again that would be amazing but life is messy and we must clean it up. So- today is our cleaning day- rewarded by the pool later. I’m hopeful that the kids will chip in too (they have their lists) so we can get it done fast and efficiently. I feel like teaching balance is important too. If we lead by example and show the kids that they can have a successful and happy life if they prioritize and find a sense of balance.

Fingers and toes crossed I keep myself balanced today.