Oceans heal

If you grew up along the ocean or near it then you know that Oceans can heal you. Literally too- salt water is known to fix and cure a lot of things. Epsom Salt for those of you who don’t live close enough to soak your feet in the salt water of the ocean and sand does the same things. Anyway- we are lucky enough to be related to my in-laws who are lucky enough to have had a family home passed down to them after generations. It’s in Nantucket ocean side is the front of the house and harbor side is the back. It’s on a tiny piece of land that stretches out to the light house in Wauwinet, Nantucket.

We lucked out this year and were able to get 5 days at the house before rental season begins. A summer home is costly and having renters helps offset the costs to maintain it, taxes etc. Family can stay in peak season if there are openings but we grabbed the chance to get it in early June since in the midwest we are out of school at the end of May. This morning was chilly- 57 degrees inside the house (same as yesterday) but it was bright sun and felt warm outside. The breeze was coming from the harbor so the ocean side was calmer. I took the chance- and at 6am (as I woke at 5:45am and have every single day we’ve been on vacation since June 2nd). Anyway- I got ready and with a cup of coffee in hand I began to walk the beach.

Soon the tide and the noise of the “swoosh” and “woosh” of the water going in and out began to mesmerize me. I walked slowly and emphatically and felt the sand beneath my toes and began to fade. All of the worries, the thoughts, the emotions, went away and nothing filled the space in my head except the sound of the waves. Mesmerized and in full meditation mode I just kept walking. I remembered my friend, Tricia, who once told me that if I concentrated while walking on a beach about loved ones that had passed I’d find heart-shaped rocks. I was always skeptical on this, but sure enough this morning, I have a table full of heart shaped rocks. I asked for friends relatives and poof- more heart shaped rocks. It was amazing.

I feel like this trip is a reminder of how much the ocean can heal you. My foot has been bothering me, one particular toe nail is funky and soaking my feet and rubbing the sand all over them while I walked invigorated me. I feel renewed. I have walked the beach and soaked my feet since Sunday (it’s only Tuesday) but I feel renewed and my soul replenished. It’s been six long years since we’ve been to this magical place. I have been up now for nearly 2 hours and the house remains quiet. I can hear the surf and feel the sun on my back as I type. I will venture out again and keep walking and searching for answers because I feel like the ocean has them today. My soul is full of love and light and I couldn’t be happier.