How to survive stomach flu


There is no real way to survive it. Sometimes you just have to roll with it. What makes it worse is then the entire house and I mean 4/5 of us had it at the same time. In a way that was a blessing because our first victim was our care-giver. She fetched gingerale, and Revive and blankets and towels and more.

What bites about it is the fact that if you get it bad- and this was a bad one that a full week later- and I’m still recovering. 24 hrs of vomit- I can take that- although it was dreadful. Then it went south- joy. That was 2 days and then just the wretched feeling you have after. None of us ate anything for 2-3 days of the bug. We all lost between 5-12 lbs (all since regained- apparently your colon holds a few lbs and so doesn’t your body just in terms of water).

Now moving on from the gross part. What can we learn from it? Well, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger and for the teens in the house TALLER- the sleep that was induced post-bug, I swear these kids are taller. I’m sure they are. It clears you out and gives you a clean slate. We are all on probiotics now to heal the gut, we are eating clean and small meals to be gentle with ourselves and we slowed down from this crazy fast-paced world.

Realizing we had to STOP all things- clear the calendar- home confinement. We watched shows together, we listened to music together, we moaned together. We talked, and we laughed- but not too hard as that kinda hurt post stomach-bug. But we did things together.

We helped each other cook small meals. We sat and chatted over a Ritz cracker “meal.” We hugged and we cried and we survived it- together. I wouldn’t suggest this as a normal bonding experience but for us- it proved to be just that.

My daughter, Meghan who got it on a Tuesday had her Variety Show Thursday night- and she stomached it into school for 5 full periods so she’d qualify for after school activities. I was paged at 2:30pm for anti-nausea meds (Oh I forgot to tell you- ASK for Zofran- BEG for it- the docs will give it to you when you have a violent tummy bug- it prevents ER visits as you get to pause a bit in between getting sick to hydrate). Anyway- I brought Meghan the anti-nausea drugs and she went onto perform for the student body. I decided- heck- even though I’d see it later on I’d go then too. And thank GOD for that as at 5pm, I was hurling and she was still at school readying herself for the 7pm show. Cole, John, and Quinn went to the show that evening with friends and all was well.

Early afternoon Friday- text from Quinn “Mom I just got sick before I got to History class- HELP!” and I with Meghan’s help (she drove with me so I would stay focused as I was really bad at that point) and we picked up Quinn. My neighbor had filled my anti-nausea prescription forĀ  me and dropped that off Friday morning so I was able to semi-function by afternoon. 4pm- John arrives home from work- NOT GOOD. Then 10:30pm Cole starts hurling. It was a joyous weekend. But we survived.

I’m here- a few pounds thinner and readying myself for Gall Bladder surgery next Tuesday. I am realizing that life is good, my children are good humans and that Meghan who never gets sick- can handle anything that comes her way. I am grateful to my friends who ran errands for me and dropped off food at the door and ran. I am thankful to my neighbors who called to check on us.

Whatever you do- take time when you are sick to get well and your family just might surprise you when they are better. They just might want to have a game night or do something fun because they enjoyed the camaraderie even though we were all sitting with a bucket.


And if you want to read a great blog- check out her post about having

a Stomach Bug Survival Kit.

P.S.- Lysol your entire house after and put every stitch of blankets, sheets, towels thru the Sanitize load on your washing machine. I didn’t even know I had that setting- took 3 hrs for each load but it heats the water up internally to a very HOT temp and it sort of boils your clothes. All things came out smelling sanitized like hospital laundry. It was AWESOME!

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