Resume- A place to summarize your work experience, your skill set and more. To put your life onto one piece of paper is daunting. How do you go about it? What jobs do you choose? Some of us, like myself, are in a new phase of our lives. I was a stay at home mom for years, homeschooling mom for 5 years and now looking for employment opportunities. It’s daunting.

I look at my life and I have a ton of skills that are not affiliated with any formal job. I am a writer, author (of 2 books about to be self-published), mom to 3 kids (that’s a whole lot of organizational skills right there), former homeschooling mom to 3 kids from grades 1st to 7th, wife, medical researcher, hobbies galore that all access a skill set that is job worthy. Part of me is excited about putting my life onto one piece of paper and the other part of me is scared out of my mind.

I wonder how other moms feel who are in the same boat? Do they doubt their life choices? Do they wonder what if? Do they think about their husband’s career spanning decades and wonder, why not me? I sometimes question my life choices and then I see my kids as they successfully navigate their first year back to school after homeschooling and I think- yeah I did the right thing! It’s not always easy and it hasn’t always been easy. Life has been a challenge. Homeschooling meant one income and a huge load on me. In addition to managing a family of 5 and dogs along the way, it was my job to educate 3 kids and keep them busy and research educational opportunities throughout their homeschooling journey. It was a full-time job and I think I did a good job of it.

Life is about to change. I am about to dip my feet into the job market. I am not going to go gung-ho and do a full-time corporate job. No- I am looking for niche jobs that highlight my unique skill set. I am organized, I am a research geek, I am thoughtful and caring and I want to help people. I can type well and write well and communicate well. I am inspired by others and I find myself inspiring others as well. I am in tune with the universe and I listen to opportunities that avail themselves to me.

I heard such an opportunity recently. I am excited, genuinely excited because this job seems like the perfect fit. It will utilize my research skills and organizational abilities. It will require me to be organized and thoughtful and it requires great care. I can do all of that and it’s interesting.  I began my working career as a babysitter at age 11 and quickly by age 13 realized I could work at the local public library. That provided me a great opportunity to be with books and boy do I love books. I was able to learn how to organize and file and I learned great communication skills when working at the front desk. By age 15 1/2 I quit high school to venture to the local community college. Illness had prevented me from fulfilling the proper amount of school days to matriculate so I was bored and didn’t want to stay back. I went straight to the community college and earned college credits for my schooling. While there I worked at the tutoring center and by my 2nd year was working 34-40 hours a week in addition to taking 5 classes. I worked various and sundry retail jobs over the years and learned a variety of skills there as well. When I went off to Northeastern University where I studied African-American Studies and Anthropology I worked at the media center. I never knew of a time I didn’t work.

When I graduated in 1999, I was ready to work full-time. The problem was that no jobs were willing to hire me for my majors from college. I was able to type, and was well-organized so I found myself working at one of the dean’s offices at Northeastern as an Administrative Assistant. It was a good job, paid well and it was an honor to work there but I was bored out of my mind. The work was easy and the typing was immense but I handled it well. I answered phones, filed documents, and worked on managing patents and more but I was bored.

In June of 1999, just before graduating from Northeastern, I met my boyfriend, John (now husband). He was lovely and he was a software engineer and he was smart, and witty and we had a great time. By October, 1999, we were living together and managing a newly formed household and we began to plan our future together. I was working at Northeastern and it was the beginning of a journey that would change my life forever. John’s job changed and we moved to central Massachusetts and I began to work at a school. We were in the process of buying our first home in September 2001 and I worked at the school as a Para Professional and substitute teacher until I became pregnant in December of 2002 and began to have pre-term labor in the Spring and I quit my job.

Since 2002 I really haven’t formally worked that much. We moved a lot for John’s work. We moved from Littleton, MA to Shirley, MA to Seattle, WA and to Somerset, MA and in 2013 we moved to Illinois. During that time in 2011 I began working at the kid’s school as a Para Professional once Cole, our youngest, was in preschool and in the fall of 2012 we began homeschooling our 3 kids and that became my full-time job until August of 2017 when they all returned to school. Since August I have taken up a part-time driving job (5/6 hrs a week) and not much more. Health related issues for one of the kids made it impossible to work full time but things are back on track now and I am excited.

For the first time in my life I am bored again and I can’t wait to fill that void. I am constantly online researching this and that. I tried a while back to have a website called Allie Knows, but it just didn’t take off. Instead I get calls from friends, relatives, friends of friends to do research projects and I do them for fun. I don’t charge anyone because I feel like I can find information so easily why not just do it for the joy of doing it. But I realize that out there in the universe is a job for me. A job that will allow me to work from home (most of the time) and allow me to utilize all the skills I have acquired over the years. I just hope I can fit it all into a one page resume.

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