Been a while

I hadn’t realized that it’s been nearly a month since I’ve been online here writing. I was pretty good for a long while writing daily but I think since Snickers passed away and my blogging buddy is gone I started sleeping in (mind you waking up at 3-5am was NEVER a good idea) but now that I am waking up at 6am and starting the day for the kids is just 30 minutes after that, I do not have time to blog in the early AM. So now I have to find a time during the day to get on here and share. Behind the scenes I have been working on 3 books. One is Advice From Allie– a simple and funny book with witty sarcasm and life tips. One is Continue to Live and Flourish- a Guide to Surviving it All, and the 3rd isĀ How to Live with Anxiety (title subject to change). I have been feverishly writing on weekends and week nights trying to get these edited, refined and ready for public viewing and publishing in the next few weeks.

I hadn’t realized til I just wrote that sentence – that this is where I have been the past month. I have been writing daily, just not here. I hope that sharing my life experiences can help others but it is so scary to put it out there. I think part of me is working too hard at refining the books when honestly they are ready. I may add one last chapter to one of them but other than that, they’ve been read many times, reviewed and they are good. I think I am holding them back. I think I am afraid of sharing my innermost secrets, the skeletons in my closet, the trials and tribulations of my life with the world. Mind you- if nobody shares the book, nobody will read them anyway. I have to truly embrace what I have written and stand by it and share it. Hopefully in the next few weeks I will be ready.

Til then I plan to be back on here posting about what we have been up to!

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