Hallmark and Lifetime Movies

I used to compare my life with a really long Lifetime Movie- you know the dramatic story of a heroine who goes thru some awful stuff and yet comes out ok in the end and sometimes not so okay. The movies are long, they are full of drama, grief, suspense and usually a bad guy. From 1990 to about 1998 my life was a series of bad Lifetime movies. There was no happy endings, there was strife and uncertainty. I always wanted my life to be magical and beautiful and full of sweet things. I wanted good friends, a great relationship, I wanted to have kids and have a full life. What I wanted was a Hallmark Movie ending and I am happy to say I got mine.


Well I by no means have an “ending” because true love and happiness doesn’t have a happy ending because there is no end in site.  I have been married to the love of my life since 2001, having met in June of 1999. We have 3 beautiful kids, 2 of whom are teenagers, and 1 on the way. We have evolved past sleepless nights and diapers and the kids are practically self sufficient so it’s time for me to figure out what I want to do with the rest of my life. I have always had a thing for writing. I journaled as a kid and always wrote stories. I enjoy sharing personal stories with friends and family and since Facebook I have shared my life with my friends and family. What I began doing about 4 years ago was blogging and now I have decided to publish a book or two. One based on this blog is exactly that- a compilation of blog posts which have been edited and expanded to share life tips, and serves as my personal survival guide. The other book is based on my other blog, Continue to Live and Flourish, and it’s going to be a more gritty guide to survival. I will go into the reality of the harsh years (my Lifetime movie) and how I survived it all and how you too can survive anything too.

I am excited and I know that my life will end like a Hallmark Movie- with a happy ending. I’m in the middle of it- happiness, love and joy and I couldn’t be well happier. I am 45, gray haired, and occasional aches and pains and I could care less because I am fulfilled and I am happy. My husband is a supportive force and my kids are the best. I am surrounded by love on a daily basis. Our dog, Snickers, is a cuddle bug who shares the wee hours of the morning with me while I write. I have everything I have ever wanted and I can’t wait to see where this journey takes me. I know that there is much more to this life and I look forward to sharing it with all of you.

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