The Village is Real


A week and a few days ago my friend’s life got turned upside down. Her beloved husband, Mike, was diagnosed with Stage 4 Esophageal cancer. Mike, a self employed auto-body painter, is now out of work and home preparing for the fight of his life. Chemo begins on Dec 26th so they have a bit of time to enjoy some time together. Life is expensive and they are not prepared for the loss of income -nor are most of us- and so their Village has come together.

Friends arrived last week with groceries, and Christmas is being gathered as Elves (most of whom do not know the family personally) purchase and wrap gifts for the entire family. Christmas dinner is being purchased and delivered and we are working on helping as much as we can. This is proof that there is love in the world. Cancer Sucks and we all know this but there is still GOOD in the world as we go through horrible things.

I am trying to just wrap my head around how a 54 year old, healthy man, wakes up one day with a Stage 4 diagnosis and no symptoms prior to this- just a few days of not feeling quite right and a lump on one’s neck. That’s it. The good news is he hasn’t been sick before this. Most folks walking into Chemo with Stage 4 Esophageal cancer have been sick for a while, are thin from issues with eating prior to their diagnosis. Mike has a fighting chance and it’s our turn as the community at large to help.

I have never done this before but I am sharing their Go Fund Me page here just in case you want to do some good before the Holidays.

If you find yourself in a position of need, do share that with friends and family. Start as I lovlingly call it an “Oh Shit fund” as we never know when something awful could happen to us. But even with the best savings plan as recommended by professionals – having 6 months of income in storage- we are all just a paycheck or a few away from disaster. Without friends, family and other sources of assistance most of us in this situation would be in a similar spot.

So during this Christmas season- do some good- it doesn’t matter if it’s for Jill and her family or for anyone else. Surprise your neighbors with tins of home-made cookies. Walk your neighbor’s dog. Buy the person behind you a coffee, or pay someone’s library fines. Little gestures or big ones are all part of what makes this world an awesome place. Go- do some good today! (Best part is you feel great when you do!)


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