How to Keep a Cough at Bay

In 2009 I had a bad flu followed by a severe cough. I was put on cough medicine with Codeine and the cough was suppressed but I felt awful. I landed in the hospital for 14 days with a severe lung infection and it took months to recover. While in hospital the doc said “you know- you should never use cough medicine! Instead use VICKS vapor rub on your feet.” I thought he was crazy. But apparently if you suppress a cough you allow the germs to multiply and remain in your lungs. Coughing gets the crud out of your lungs, not coughing and it can turn into awful things like lung infections.

Ever since 2009 I have used Vicks Vapor rub on my feet to control my cough and it works in minutes. I also take Mucinex which helps break up the mucous but the Vicks is my go to. Peppermint and Eucalyptus oil mixed with coconut oil works too. It’s a trick that even goes beyond coughs. Vicks can be used to treat toe-nail fungus, chest congestion, cough, achy muscles and more. Read all about it’s 12 amazing uses here.

I hope you don’t get a cold before Christmas but if you do- use Vicks Vapor Rub. It’s a real life saver!


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