Snow is Magical


Snowfall is magical. It’s especially enchanting when it occurs overnight and you wake to the wonder of white. I can say the only thing I like about waking up at 4am with our dog  is moments like this. I actually walked her around the entire block. Our normal “black as night” walk was bright and lit up with the power of nature. The snowflakes glistened off the occasional street light and more so off the Christmas lights. It was probably one of the best moments in the past month. The silent of the night, the glistening snow and the feeling that something magical is in the air.

It’s interesting how something as simple as snow can change one’s perspective. Our dog, Snickers, got diagnosed with a mass on her spleen and it causes her to have extra pressure on her bladder. She’s been doing great- making it about 6 hrs. That means when you go to bed at 10pm she wakes you up at 4am and after a month or so of this I’ve gotten used to my newfound morning.

The coffee is brewing and I can start editing my book some more. It’s not a loss of time but a huge gain of it. I am lucky and I should hopefully continue to feel this way. Makes me think of the time change. Before the time change, Snickers would wake up at 5am. I partially wonder if part of her early wake-ups is that she doesn’t read a clock and knows that this is when she wakes up! Whatever the reason she’s given me a gift. The nudge I needed to write and finish this book and the clarity of moments like this when I get to see the world in a whole new light.

I hope the snow sticks around for a few days and I wish for another dusting, if not more, for Christmas. It really does change things. It makes things much more exciting. We will be getting our tree this morning so the snow can melt off in the garage before we bring it in and decorate it. Decorating is a lot like snow. You transform a green tree to a magical brightly lit amazing masterpiece. We have ornaments from years gone by and they bring back so many memories that is magic all by itself.

So enjoy the magic wherever you can find it. Be it snow, or holiday decorations or somewhere else, look for the magic. It changes your perspective and makes life special.

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