Friday- a day to prepare for amazing


Fridays are amazing. At least they are for me. It’s the day I can prepare for the weekend and for Friday nights. Friday night is family night- games, popcorn, cookies, pizza, movies. It’s time to rejoice at the end of the workweek and to not to have to do any homework and to just have fun after a long week of work and school.

I am a stay-at-home mom so I am never off-duty but I am able to enjoy myself throughout the week and it brings me joy to prepare for Friday evenings when my husband and my kids can toss off the worries of the week and just enjoy themselves.

Today is going to be great. Cole, who has had some medical issues lately, is back to school and it’s a band field trip to play Christmas Carols at an Old Folks Home. Meghan and Quinn have regular school days and John gets to work from home today (maybe a lunch date is in our future?). No matter what we can have a great evening together.

We started the weekend early last night when we all stopped everything we were doing to watch “Psych- the Movie” complete with Pineapple dump cake. It was a homage to the pineapple in every single episode and something silly to make it fun. We had a great time and enjoyed sitting together on a Thursday evening. Normally it’s a rush of homework and reading and bedtimes but we took 2 hours and just sat together and laughed.

We may luck out and get some snow tonight too. I’m excited because tomorrow we will get our Tree. Tonight we should probably make room in the living room for it. There is really no good place to put it so we have to figure out how to reconfigure the room so we can still sit and watch TV but also sit and look at a beautiful Christmas tree. Hopefully we figure it out.

Life is good and Friday is a great way to start the weekend and begin to reboot for another long week ahead. So go and enjoy your Friday. I know we will.

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