The Beauty of the Night…


I am getting used to my newfound 3-4am wake up. Our dog, Snickers, has a mass on her spleen and this causes pressure on her bladder and we need to take her out every 5 hours. So if you go to bed at 10pm she needs to go out at 3am or 11pm 4am. So no matter what Mon-Fri it’s my job to wake up and take her out. At first it was awful. I felt so tired every single day. Now I look forward to the beauty of the night.

Tonight for example or rather early this morning, I saw snow! A beautiful sparkly display that I got to enjoy in the peace and quiet of the night. Pitch black with the glow of Christmas lights on the neighborhood houses. A field mouse scattered by drawing Snickers interest. A bit of snow hit my cheek and I turned to see the beauty that was before me. The crisp wintery air took my breath away and I just enjoyed every single minute.

I came inside, gave Snickers her medicine and a bone and she quickly settled in on the couch (her dog bed) and fell fast asleep. I, however, remained awake as I do every night when I wake up. Even when the kids were little, if my feet hit the floor, I was awake. It’s ok. I’ve gotten used to it now and just increased to 2 cups of coffee a day to survive. One at 5am and one at around 11am and I’m good to go.

Beauty reveals itself to us day or night. I’m lucky to have the opportunity to be awake when no-one else is. It givesĀ  me time to write, time to read and time to contemplate our lives and this holiday season plenty of time to online shop (which may NOT be a good thing- probably the only downside of this whole situation).

We are lucky to have Snickers with us still. It was pretty grave a few weeks ago, but now she’s stable and it’ll be ok. John takes over on weekends so I can get a full night sleep and it is amazing how much I appreciate that extra few hours. Sleeping til 6am feels amazing now. I used to complain- NO MORE.

Sometimes life gives you lemons. I am not making lemonade at 4am but I am enjoying the Beauty and the ability to be awake. My life isn’t that hard or that extraordinary. I am up taking care of a member of our family. I would do it for any of my kids, my husband, so why not our dog. I am also lucky because I think I will meet my self-imposed deadline to finish my book by the end of December and release it in January.

So go- wake up – most of you are probably still asleep – at least my Midwest located folks- and enjoy the Beauty of the day!

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