Christmas Gifts that we just love

Christmas is that time of year when we get a week off in between Christmas and New Year’s to have some quality family time. No traveling, no running around, just quiet, fun days and nights doing a “stay-cation.” We are a family who love Board Games and books and doing fun things together. Here are some of our favorite gifts we have given the kids over the years which were a huge success.

One of our best finds is Animal Logic. It’s a game that you can play together or alone. It’s a logic puzzle game where you have to get the Safari animals out of desert in a pattern without breaking any of the rules. It’s great fun!


We have found that games are a great gift for our kids. It’s a way for us to connect. A bowl of popcorn and a good game and we are talking and laughing for hours. Coup is another great game. It’s a fast, quick paced, card game that is really fun. It’s all about strategy and keeping a poker face. We all love this game and the best part is each round is only 10 -15 min long! One of my all-time favorite new games is No Stress Chess. I never understood how to play chess so when my oldest was going for his Chess Merit badge and he wanted his brother to learn we purchased this game. One side of the game- you use cards and play each card which teaches you a move and a type of playing piece. Each card explains what your piece can do. You play the card you are dealt and you move. Once you have mastered that, you turn the board over and play Chess! It’s fun and engaging and a great time had by all!


Old school is what we do when we play Clue, Monopoly Deal andRACKO. Clue is a classic mystery game full of fun and excitement. It’s fun for all ages and a fast paced game with a twist! Monopoly Deal is a 20 minute or less version of Monopoly and it’s great for kids who can’t sit for too long or just for a night when you don’t have a lot of time to play a game or you want to play several games in one night. RACKO is one of my all time favorite games. You have to get your cards in order from lowest to highest despite being dealt anything but. My good friend, Lisa, introduced me to this game and it’s been a quick hit!


This Christmas we hope that these gifts arrive under the tree. We are looking forward to playing Oregon Trail and surviving! It’s supposed to be a fun game. Chameleon is a card game where one person (the Chameleon) is the only one who knows the answer. I’m excited to see how our kids enjoy this game. Timeline has a variety of card games which all form a timeline when you are done. Timeline Diversity is one of the series and we hope to enjoy it just as much as we enjoy Timeline American History which is a very popular game currently!

What I love about Board Games is how it connects us. We get pizza or make popcorn, drink some hot cocoa and share stories, laughs and music. It’s a great way to connect with your 11, 13 and 14 year olds. It’s even fun to invite their friends over who are somewhat shocked that we like to play games together but once they get into it they can’t wait to come back and do it again. Check out the games and see what you think? (affiliate links included- which keep Advice from Allie in coffee)

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  1. I grew up playing board games. Some of my best family memories are nights around the kitchen table, just as you described, having fun and being together. I grew up on Racko. My husband doesn’t like it because I always beat him. 😉
    I just saw Oregon Trail online this morning. I was thinking about buying it for the family this year.

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