Another Teenager in the house


So today marks our middle’s entrance to Teenage-hood. Meghan is 13 today! That means we have a fourTEEN year old and a thirTEEN year old. In two short years we will have 3 teenagers in the house. What were we thinking? John always said “babies don’t scare me, teenagers do!” I’m not afraid. If anything I am in awe of this amazing girl. She has some really cool friends.

Last night for the first time since she was 5 or 6 she had a Birthday party. December is a rotten time to have a Birthday as hardly anyone can come to your party if you have one and the last real party Meghan had when she invited her entire class in elementary school only 2 girls came. Everyone else was at holiday parties etc. So this year we opted to offer her a party again. She chose Orbit Skate Center and we went there last night. Six girls, her 2 brothers and 2 of their friends and we were all set. It was so fun.

She was unsure if she wanted to open presents but she decided to and it was such a great idea. Gillian got her a Hamilton inspired game and a book about 2 of the female characters in Hamilton (the musical) and Meghan literally squeeled when she opened them. The grin on Gillian’s face when she opened her Llama card was even better. These girls get Meghan. From a Gravity Falls Journal to gift cards to her favorite stores, she scored on the “perfect gifts” and nothing she received was purchased by our family for her to open today. Today she’ll get a clock radio/CD player so she can listen to Christmas CD’s in her room for Christmas. Quinn got her “Herd your Horses” , a game we used to own but we passed on when we moved and they really missed it. Cole got her a Hamilton inspired tee shirt but that won’t arrive til Wednesday or Thursday.

After today we move on toward Christmas but for this moment we relish in Meghan’s Birthday. It was sad last night or rather bittersweet because Meghan doesn’t want to be 13, she doesn’t want to grow up and she’s mad about it. Hormones, life changes, going off to High School- it’s all closer than we think and she is fighting it with every breath. Her solace is in the fact that Grace, Emma, and Gillian will be on the path with her to High School. Sadly- the twins, Emmie and Ally will be moving to Indiana but with modern technology – they can video chat and we can visit- only an hour or so away.

Meghan sat in my lap last night (well creatively as she doesn’t officially fit) and hugged me tight. She’s my baby girl no matter how old she is and she is happy that no matter how old she is that fact will always be true.

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