Great books to gift someone…

We have always loved to read and thankfully we passed that love onto our kids. Our eldest loves Alternative History and if you have someone who loves History in your life here are a few great books you can gift them. They are great reads and Quinn G. approved!

Meghan is our next big reader. She loves series with strong female characters. One of her favorites is the Penderwicks. She also used to love to read Ramona the Brave books. She enjoys a series of books by Rita Williams-Garcia and her English teacher has introduced so many wonderful books this year like Touching Spirit Bear. As a child I loved Trixie Belden but she wasn’t into it like I was. She reads, often for over an hour a night. It’s a great site to see. Here are her book recommendations.

Cole loves to read too. He was our reticent reader. So for him we opted for audio books until reading stuck. He loves Geronimo Stilton. They are his favorite books. He is on the 4th Penderwick series book as he will often read what Meghan is reading when she’s done with it. Another favorite book was Ginger Pye and all the books by Eleanor Estes. Here are some of his favorite books.

As adults we also love to read. Here are some of John and my favorite books. I am in a book club so it’s a great source of amazing books. I have loved all of them. My all-time favorite was Angry Housewives Eating Bon-Bons probably because it was the first book in my first book club I ever attended. We read books like The Help and we always had a great time. Now in IL I am also in a book club and we are currently reading Life According to Garp, so far so good. One of my most recent favorite books we read was Ordinary Grace. I hope you enjoy our selections.

Books can make great gifts- they can ship direct from Amazon to your recipient and they are a wonderful gift because they give someone the urge to take time for themselves. This is how my family reboots at night- we read before we go to bed. It’s a gift each and every day.

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