Simply Full of Gratitude This Saturday


Being Thankful and having Gratitude- it’s very important. Our hearts feel better when we are full of joy and thankful for what we have. I’m a glass is half full type person. I am so thankful today that I got to sleep til 5am. My dog has suspected cancer and she has a large mass pressing on her stomach, bladder, and intestines. This has made overnights stressful as she might need to use the restroom at a moment’s notice- which on these cold Chicago nights means waking fully up as the cold hits your face at 1, 2 or 3am. So last night I am thankful for a good night’s sleep. Phew- I needed it after a week of not so good nights.

Today I am thankful for Chicago District 15’s Thanksgiving holiday week off. Cole and Meghan are back in public school after a 5 year hiatus of homeschooling and to have the entire week off is going to be amazing. Quinn is in D211 and he’s got Wednesday off but still a huge difference from the East Coast where we had school the week before Thanksgiving with a 1/2 day on Wednesday. I am thankful for long weeks and long weekends.

Quinn has a Scholastic Bowl competition today and I am thankful for that. I am thankful that he has met folks he gets along with and has found activities that he truly enjoys. I will be off to volunteer in his place at a Boy Scout wreath distribution site this morning and that is fine with me. I’m happy that we can both be doing something good today. I will then deliver the wreaths we sold and enjoy a restful afternoon. This evening John and I will attend the Time and Talent Auction at CCUU- our local Unitarian Church. It’ll be the first time we attend and I know folks really enjoy the music, raising funds for our local partners that help directly in our community of Palatine and seeing friends and making new ones.

Today is simple. It’s restful, it’s social, it’s fun. Cole and Meghan, I suspect will sleep til 10am and be so happy they can do whatever they want today. They’ll still keep up their reading logs over the break and I’m sure we will do fun things and they will watch you-tube like they did when they homeschooled (Cole loves Crash Course Science videos and of course watching other people play video-games-I do not get that). I’m hoping it’s a great week off and I can’t wait for Thanksgiving because I know that not only are we all thankful but I know that John is so incredibly grateful that he will be able to eat every single part of the meal as he is fully healed up since his July double jaw surgery. I’m hopeful that his sleep apnea is no more although we need a follow up sleep study to prove it.

Fingers and toes crossed you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving break as well. Enjoy time with family- go to a movie- eat together- play games. Most of all- enjoy time- stop all the go-go-go and just be with each other. That is our plan. Happy Thanksgiving week everyone! I hope you get some time to enjoy what you are grateful for.

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