Great, Family Friendly Board Games

With Christmas looming (so many stores have all the Christmas stuff up already) and those of us that like to get our shopping done before Thanksgiving I wanted to share what games and other items our family enjoys. I actually own each and every one of these games and our family plays them often. Feel free to check them out (affiliate links are listed below).

The following games are some of our families’ favorites. No Stress Chess, where can I begin- I hate chess or at least I thought I hated chess. But this game takes all the stress out of it and made it easy to learn and in about 3 weeks I was able to play the 2nd side of the board without the playing cards and actually play a game of chess. I didn’t win but I actually liked playing chess!!! (Who knew that could EVER happen!?) Games like Animal Logic, and Mastermind are also amazing. I have always been fond of Othello and Mancala- what a neat bean game that is so easy to play and full of strategy.

Some fun cards games are Blink and Timeline. Both are fast games and both are fun. Blink is more of a hand-eye coordination game and one of speed. Timeline is a fun way to learn about history. Both are well loved and used at my house. One of the best games for the entire family is any of the Ticket to Ride games. The one featured is the US version and it creates great strategic competition in our family game night. Forbidden Island is a great team-building game as you need the help of all players to get off the island. Memoir 44 is a 2-person game for your favorite History Buff. Our son, Quinn, just loves the game.

Some fun non-game gifts are some great DVD’s that we love at our house. School House Rock- well for me it’s nostalgic- I grew up learning my multiplication tables watching the groovy 1970’s songs of Multiplication Rock and here the entire School House Rock series is in one very low-priced DVD. Next we have a unique little movie, North Avenue Irregulars- be prepared for a very fun 1970’s hysterical story -a blast from the past truly as it was the first drive-in-movie I saw as a kid- part of a double feature with 101 Dalmations. Next I’ve listed the Samsung tablet- we got that back in 2013 when we first moved here. It’s lasted with a great cover (seen below) we put on it and it’s where my daughter uses the “Sketch” app and draws amazing digital art- a real amazing piece of technology to own.

Other great items that you simply can’t go wrong with at Christmas or Chanukah are Lego Sets. We have always enjoyed the Lego Advent calendars and even when we think our kids are too old there is a new one out. This year I think it will be the LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar ┬áset. When my kids were little they loved Wedgits. The set below is what we first got and we quickly added to it. It was a great way to get hand-eye coordination and building skills. I’m sure there are many more things I can recommend but meanwhile check out what I have shared and as I said before we have owned every single thing on this list so I personally recommend the items listed. (And if you happen to want some gorgeous jewelry for yourself- just shop here.)

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