Coffee or Tea?

Do you like Coffee or Tea? What’s the best way to start your morning? I usually start with a freshly made pot of coffee made in a Thermal Stainless Steel French Press. It saves me money (I used to buy k-cups til my keurig died) as I now only spend about $20 a month on fair trade coffee from Trader Joes.¬† I brew my coffee and while I am doing so usually empty the dishwasher. Then I add lactose free vanilla creamer and pour in steaming hot lovely coffee. That is how I start my day.

My husband on the other hand starts off with Tazo Assorted Teas. He usually likes the Awake Tea. I brew water in the Electric Tea Kettle making the water just the right temperature (it gives you several options and even one for 200 degrees for my French Press coffee!) then I pour in copious amounts of honey and his tea is made. It steeps for about 5 minutes and that is how he starts his day.

Occasionally I will stray from coffee and drink Trader Joe’s Mango Black Tea. It’s good and tasty and works for me when my stomach is not up for handling coffee which happens on occasion or if I want some caffeine at the end of the day but want to still be able to sleep. So I am a coffee before Noon kind of gal and a tea after that type of person.

So I’m off to make my morning cup of coffee. I wonder what’s in your cup ?

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