Kids can do things themselves


This- this is exactly what all of us as parents aim for our children. I had the privilege of homeschooling my kids for 5 years and they recently this fall of 2017 returned to school- because they asked to go back. What I love about them and about our experiences is that they are solely in charge of their education and their life. Yes, in public school they are no longer in charge of what they learn and when they learn it but their inner drive hasn’t gone away because they went back.

We taught the kids to do things for themselves. That translates into them choosing their own extracurricular activities and choosing who to hang out with and choosing when to do their homework and prioritizing their time. This is all from modeling behavior so they can learn how to cope in the world and I am lucky. I think that quote applies to all parents. If you teach them to do things for themselves and by themselves they can achieve anything.

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