Simple Saturdays


Today is not necessarily simple but it still can be. I am hitting the local high school’s craft fair to see if I can score some sweet teacher gifts (or gifts for others). I find that craft fairs are fun to attend and so it’s still a simple way to spend a Saturday morning. My oldest is camping (poor kid- it’s cold and it’s going to rain today) and my other 2 kids are exhausted. One’s recovering from a cold and the other is just tired. She and I went to see a play last night with her friends and it was great fun. So today- after the craft fair- I am volunteering to help an Eagle Scout complete his Eagle project. After that my daughter and I are hitting the craft store to get supplies so she can build a 3D model of a plant cell. Nothing extravagant but a busy day none the less.

Sometimes Simple Saturday’s don’t mean you stay home all day long but it means you fill your day with things you enjoy. I enjoy shopping, I enjoy helping others and I enjoy spending time with my family so I will hit all of those favorites today. What will my husband do all day? He’ll probably catch up on work- help the youngest catch up on his school work (he was out all week long) and hang out or play games with the kids. Tonight we pick up the camping son and hopefully do something silly like a stay home family movie night. That sounds just about right.

What are you up to this Saturday? Keep it simple- Life’s too short for a complicated Saturday.

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