Taking care of YOU is IMPORTANT


Taking care of ourselves is not always top priority for Mom’s especially stay at home moms or homeschooling moms (I’ve been both). You tend to think you are “less” because you don’t work and because you don’t work you do not need fancy clothes, or fancy hair, or fancy shoes etc. I never get pedicures, get my nails and hair done and all the things the working moms I know do. No judgement regarding any of that but to save money I chose not to.

What I forgot though was to take time for ME and make ME a priority. So if that meant a foot soak and slathering on some cream to make my feet Udderly Smooth  then I had to carve out that time to ensure I took care of myself. It’s like being on an airplane. If you do not take the oxygen mask yourself first you are not prepared to help anyone else put theirs on. This is a good analogy for life. But for SAHM’s it’s vitally important that you find time every single day to put that oxygen mask on. Have a cup of tea and call a friend. Take an extra long shower and put on a face mask and sit and read a book. Go for a long walk or just sit outside and breathe in some fresh air.

I know for myself taking time began when the kids got to be about 4- but for me that meant 7 years because I had 3 kids and when the youngest was 4 all 3 were in preschool and I got 2 hrs to just be with myself. It was hard at first. I’d try and do all the STUFF I needed to get done but slowly I carved out one morning for a mom’s coffee date. I carved out one morning for a good long walk with our dog and I carved out one for chores and one for reading and the last one was for whatever else I wanted to do. It wasn’t expensive to do any of these things. I didn’t drain the family bank account but I did put energy, and joy back into my “bank account” and I renewed myself.

So be sure to remember to take care of yourself. I have been forgetting of late. My feet are wrecked and I need to buy some of the Udderly Smooth  cream as my heels have cracked terribly. My youngest son and I have been sick for over a week and prior to that he’d been having some health issue for about 7 weeks and I let myself go. I forgot to soak my feet and slather them up at night. I forgot to do much of anything. It was only last week that I remembered to read again. I’m in a book club after all and I was hosting so I’d best read the dang book and I did and it was a reminder to put myself on my priority list. It’s that important.

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