Why I love White Vinegar


I love White Vinegar. I use it for all types of household cleaning. I use it to clean my windows, mirrors and counter tops. It kills a lot of germs and is biodegradable. I also use it in my laundry to brighten whites and colors and as a replacement for smelly and carcinogenic fabric softeners. There are so many amazing uses for white vinegar.

I first discovered white vinegar when my youngest was born. He was put into a hospital onesie and his skin that came in contact with the onesie peeled off. The pediatrician came in and said “Wow he’s really sensitive. I suggest you do not use bleach in the home. Instead try white vinegar and replace it for bleach.” I was so surprised but not really. I never liked swimming in a chlorinated pool because my skin would itch and peel after. Now I knew why.

White Vinegar can freshen you fridge, mixed with baking soda it can bubble up and be used as an alternative for a bleach type cleaning scrub. It can clean stoves, countertops, and shower stalls. If you do not like the vinegar smell simply add a few drops of lemon or orange oil into the vinegar and put it in a spray bottle. You’ll never realize you are using vinegar to clean. I love the lemony smell and how streak free all of my house is. Mirrors never looked better!

Give White Vinegar a try! And if you like White Vinegar for your household needs give Apple Cider Vinegar a try for your whole health. It’s quite amazing too.

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