How to Survive Flu Season

flu season

Nobody wants the stomach flu but if it hits- you’d best be ready. Stainless Steel Bowls – YES- they are the safest place to puke in and you can sanitize them in your dishwasher post-use. Amazing and I have a stash. Next you want to ensure you have a good brand of Probiotics on hand. Taking them daily helps promote good gut health and growth of healthy bacteria. I double up on them when I have the stomach flu. I also take Oregano Oil soft gels when I am sick and often all flu season long. Oregano oil is a natural anti-biotic and germ fighter. 

If you get the traditional head-cold flu- then my go to is Oscillococcinum .  It’s a homeopathic flu medication and for us it worked better than when we were given Tami-flu. Drinking plenty of fluids, steering away from dairy so it doesn’t create more mucus. Sleep, rest, and a good cup of chicken noodle soup is my go to for the flu.

I am a homeopathic follower but I also value and use traditional medicine too. I get the flue shot annually and every 5 years I personally get the pneumonia vaccine (I used to get pneumonia annually) and I see my doctor for my annual physical exams. I am a new Chiropractic patient and am excited and look forward to newfound flexibility. I think we should utilize the resources we have around us- what nature has provided to us for hundreds of years. I believe that homeopathic remedies are an option for me and I use them as needed. I have seen them work for myself, my husband and my kids.*

See what nature can do for you and what you can learn about yourself. Meditation can help our bodies stay healthy and connect us with our minds. Reducing our stress can help us live better and healthier lives. I’ll never forget when my primary care doctor asked me “So what are you doing to ensure your stress is reduced?” I was shocked. She wasn’t trying to just treat my cold or my toenail that had gone funky- instead she was asking about how I could help myself feel better. Since then I have done a lot of research. I tried to meditate and for me – it wasn’t a huge success but what I did find was that if I listened to music and just sort of zoned out it was like a mini-mind-clearing for me. It was my form of meditation. I was consumed by the music, my body would relax and I would practice mindful breathing.

You have to find what works for you. But keep in mind especially during flu season to stay as calm and relaxed as possible. Get enough sleep, eat well and steer clear of germs as best you can and don’t forget that chicken soup too. It always makes me feel better to drink a cup of herbal tea with lemon and honey or a cup of soup. Let’s all have a healthy winter. I know I want to stay healthy and feel good too.

*Please note any and all information and advice provided is not from a medical professional. Use at your own risk and talk to your doctor before taking anything or changing your lifestyle. Advice from Allie is not responsible for any advice you choose to follow.

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