Kindess Matters

No matter what you do each day – please remember to be kind. You may not see the real reason why someone has a handicapped plate- so don’t judge someone who runs out of their car and “appears” fine. I found out recently that a church friend had a handicap placard because it saved her energy for real life vs. running in and out of stores. It allowed to her to be able to walk with her husband (down the driveway) or walk her stairs at home. If she got tuckered out just walking into a store she would have trouble in the store. MS is what she has going on, so don’t judge if you see someone who doesn’t appear to have a disability. Be kind because Kindness Matters.


Smile- kindness often begins with a smile. ┬áIt’s important to remember that how you interact with others can often change your and the other person’s day. A smile given can become a smile received. You may have just smiled at a woman who lost her job, or a man who lost his dog, or a kid whose parents are mad at them. You never know how a life can be changed with as simple a gesture as a smile.

Boy Scouts has taught me to do one thing- “A good turn daily.” and I take it seriously- I look for things to do. Put back a cart in the parking lot. Open a door for the senior citizen walking into the store, carrying bags for someone or offering a neighbor a ride home on a cold brisk day. I try to do one good thing a day and if I can do more great- but try and be kind and remember that being kind matters.


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