Hope- One Step at a Time


Hope is huge. Hope can ground you, it can inspire you and for my 11 year old son, Cole, newfound hope can will you to walk across the room (albeit it limping). So yesterday was a bad day. We were given the all-clear for weight bearing by the Orthopedic doc because Cole’s MRI was “clear.” The Physical Therapist (PT) was all over him. Walk here, step here, put weight here, lift ankle weights. For one full hour he was working out. He was jovial enough- he grimaced at times but we left with him laughing. He’s a kid that will never show how much he’s hurt in front of other people. He had appendicitis and the Nurse Practioner left the room perplexed and he starts crying, she comes back in and he’s cracking jokes. Thankfully I insisted the surgeon come in and he asked the nurse take him to the restroom and he said “That kid’s tough- he winced pretty bad when I pushed on it but he’s acting like nothing is wrong the rest of the time. He needs surgery NOW!”

So when we got back in the car he was whining “MY LEG!” ..”IT’s a TEN!!” The pain was intense but he confused me. I gave him a Tylenol and dropped him back at school. This week he’d gone Monday but got dismissed due to pain, was out Tuesday, and we’d just left for an hour for PT on Wednesday. So I sent him back to “try” and within 90 min they called me asking for me to pick him up. OYE. I was at my wits end. Meanwhile at home I did some research. My brother-in-law, Mike, had suggested accupuncture or Chiropractic or both. I had asked around but hadn’t heard much and then thankfully yesterday an old home-school friend, Jolie, messaged me reminding me that her husband is a Chiropractor. I quickly phoned and in a few hours yesterday afternoon we had an appointment.

We walked in and I was skeptical. I’d been to one Chiropractor after a car- accident years ago and was told to become Vegan (before vegan was a thing) and it put me off. This guy, Vijay Patel, was amazing. He did a full exam and tested him in areas nobody else had. He pressed here and prodded there and asked him questions (the kid and not me!) Very quickly he said “listen- let’s try to walk without crutches!” and Cole looked at him like “Huh?” and within about 30 min of our arrival Cole limped across the floor.

Dr. Patel took some additional x-rays as the MRI didn’t show the lumbar spine at all and the lumbar spine is connected to the hip area (nerve and muscle wise) and well it’s worth looking at. He did not adjust Cole at all but had him do some stretches and exercises with a really nice guy (whose name I need to catch today when we go back). This red headed man had my kid laughing and was challenging him to do more and he did.

Did he walk out and run. NO- but does he have hope that he will be walking for Halloween OH YES! He put his cardboard making plans for his wheelchair away. He was talking about playing at recess soon. He has HOPE. Hope is no joke. Hope can be a teeny tiny plant that peeks thru the earth and suddenly grows tall. I know his strength will grow like that plant and honestly if you believe in everything happening for a reason I am so glad we are at this Chiropractic office because someone perhaps me needs to see if this doctor can get me off my nerve blockers. I have degenerated discs in my back and I could use some hope.


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