It’s Hump Day- and why do we call it that? Do we feel like camels on Wed? Do we have humps? Is it a hump we have to get over? Of course we call it hump day because it’s Wednesday- the middle of the week- the hump to get over before it’s Thursday and then Friday and then the WEEKEND!!!┬áSo what are you up to to on this Wednesday?

Today we have the all clear to get this kid, Cole, moving! His MRI was clear and his Physical Therapy appointment is today so we will begin weight bearing again. He’s only been non weight bearing for 2 1/2 weeks so I think we can recover any muscle loss or reduction. What I can’t figure out though and is the hump I need to get over which will take longer than just one Wednesday to climb is what the heck is wrong with my kid? Now that we have the “all clear” we are going to seek accupuncture or accupupressure or both. We will do massage and anything else I can think of. Cole will be ok. He’s 11 and resilient. We are going to make him use his crutches wherever he goes too if the physical therapist thinks that is ok.

So that is the hump for me. But for the day? What will I do today? I will be chauffeur as usual in the AM- to school and then pick up Cole an hour later for PT- and bring him back. It’s like a yo-yo day for him each and every day. Then I will have from 11:30am to 1:30pm free. What to do with that time? I just do not know?! Then do my driving job from 1:30 to 2:15pm and then go pick up Meghan, wait, pick up Cole, wait and then pick up Quinn. It really is a back and forth fiasco with 3 kids in different schools with 3 different start and end times.

So may Wednesday be amazing for you- may you climb over each and every hump with gusto! It’s hump day after all.

snoopy wed

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