Tackle Tuesday is Back and I am ready!


Tackle Tuesday is back and I am ready! This month has been long for me. Since 9/25 Cole has been unable to walk and mysteriously we have no cause. No injury, no infection, no virus, no nothing. All scans, and bloodwork are clear. We are awaiting the 2nd MRI to be read. So meanwhile I need to stay sane. How does one do that? For me- I made a list of things to do- clean the house, room by room I went thru the house. Yesterday we had the carpets cleaned and the hardwood and boy-oh-boy my house is sparkling. BUT what do I need to do today? I need to tackle getting all the STUFF put back in place once the carpets are dried. I think they are so it’ll be a great day!

How I also have coped is by cooking and sharing that cooking with others. I also began to have events at our home. I used to way back when like to entertain- it was often pre-kids – well the big open houses we used to have were before kids. Then with kids it was birthday parties with home-made cakes (family tradition) and food and fun. So for me- Italian (part) – and also just because I love it- I enjoy food and I love to cook and when you cook it means you LOVE people and well lately I’ve been loving a lot of people. From the Scoutmaster of our Boy Scout troop, to the Pediatrician’s receptionist, to the whole dang Pediatrician’s office, to the Physical Therapy office I have shared Trays of Chicken Enchiladas and Vegetarian Lasagna. It feels to good to provide healthy and hearty meals to such wonderful people.

So today I will tackle the world again. Will Cole? ┬áHe left school yesterday at Noon not because of the strike but because he suddenly was in pain. So for now he’s home today and I hope he can tackle his Physical therapy exercises. The PT thinks he was in pain because he hasn’t exercised his leg since last Wednesday’s PT appointment. She may be right so today- he will stay home from school and we will work on his leg. He may also play his new video console (the Switch) that he and his sister have paid for. So I supposed even though we haven’t tackled what is wrong with him I imagine he’s going to tackle a few games today.

So whatever you choose to do today- Tackle something. If you have an issue with a co-worker smile at them, buy them a cup of coffee. Tackle the tension. If you are feeling low and lonely make someone something and give it to them or buy someone lunch or something. Sharing something usually perks you up. All this cleaning (my husband is like – WHOSE HOUSE IS THIS!) and cooking – I have really rejuvenated myself. I’ve gotten a ton of hugs lately for my food (it’s that good!) and life is good. So enjoy your Tuesday- and Tackle whatever you need to.

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