Long days, Longer nights.

Lately I am being woken up between 2:45am and 4:30am by our lovely dog, Snickers, who seems to have to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night. I am painfully aware that since I was the instigator in getting a dog that she is “My Dog” in the middle of the night. Problem is when I wake up and my feet hit the floor I am awake for the rest of the day. So last night at 2:44am she woke me up and I took her for a walk and I proceeded to be up the rest of the night having gone to bed later than usual at only 11:45pm the night before. That means I only clocked 3 hours of sleep. Today was Cole’s MRI at Lurie- and after an unusual wait time of 3 hrs he got his 60 min MRI and then we drove home in Rush-Hour traffic. It made for a very very long day and an even longer night worrying about the impending MRI.

The reality is- it doesn’t even matter what the result is. He can’t walk and we do not know why (currently) and the only thing that will change is treatment modalities. He is in pain if he bears weight and he’s in a wheelchair BUT we know he’s not dying and does not have bone cancer or an infection in the bone. He has unexplained hip pain and that is that. I’m told that we should hope and pray that the phone doesn’t ring with the results before our follow up appointment which is a week from today. It doesn’t mean he doesn’t have something wrong with his hip but what it does mean is that it’s not urgent.

So I am hopeful that tonight I fall asleep early as tomorrow is our oldest son, Quinn, first Scholastic Bowl tournament and the bus leaves Palatine High at 7:15am.

So until tomorrow I will leave you. I do hope that Snickers figures out that I am less than amused by her early wake-ups. Tonight I will shhh her back to sleep if she wakes up. I need some sleep.

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