This is how we roll….

So in the midst of all the chaos with our new life that includes modalities like crutches and a wheelchair what do we do? Do we sit and wallow? NO- do we wonder when Cole- age 11- will get out of his wheelchair? NO. We put that kid to work to figure out what he wants to be for Halloween and do you know what? The options are endless. Holy smokes people are creative. Tank chairs, and spaceship chairs, and the Ice cream truck chair- I am in awe. From Trains to planes to boats if you can use some duct-tape and some cardboard and whatever else you can think of you can make a truly exceptional Halloween Costume.

Since I am not particularly crafty (I say that and I have made their Halloween costumes year after year) with duct tape and cardboard. I am going to beg or rather- ask nicely- our really amazing Boy Scout, Scoutmaster. We had a rain-gutter regatta (full sized) and he built a usable Kayak. Like gray duct tape over construction grade cardboard- use and boat across a pool and quite frankly he could have taken the home made kayak to a lake and paddled across. He is a construction guy and has some engineering talent. Perhaps I should out his name and post this to his FB page (does he even have that? ) and then I could just manage to get him to help ¬†us. Alternatively I could just ask him on Monday night at our regularly scheduled meeting. Yeah- I’ll do the latter.

So when life gives you something you do not expect. If you are hoping beyond hope that your son can carry his own candy bag and walk the neighborhood and if you are in tears because you pretty much can count on that NOT happening- fear not. Your kid will simply say “Mom- I need to figure out how we can build a costume around this chair!” And that is how a long weekend becomes a fun- idea generating- amazing time. This wheelchair is not the end of his fun. It’s just the beginning of a whole new epic journey.

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