Cast Iron Pans- Vintage ones are amazing

cast iron pan

There is nothing like cooking in a Cast Iron Pan. A vintage one is amazing- smooth texture and usually well used and well seasoned. If you come across one in your mother’s kitchen like I did all you have to do is clean it and re-season it.

I simply washed my rusted vintage cast iron pan in hot water and used salt to get rid of the rust. Then I heated my oven to a hot 425 degrees. I took a spatula and put about 2 Tablespoons of Coconut oil in the bottom of the clean pan and began to rub it in. There was plenty of excess. Once the oven was hot I put a piece of aluminum foil on the bottom wrack and then I inverted the pan over the foil and baked it for 90 minutes. When I removed my piping hot pan I turned it over onto the stove and wiped it out and rubbed in the seasoning. It was ready to use. I let it cool and made scrambled eggs for dinner. It was silly but I did it and the pan was like a non-stick pan. The eggs slid right out of it ( I did spray it with coconut oil before I poured the eggs into it.). Cast Iron not only retains it’s heat but it adds iron to your food so for my daughter who is a vegetarian and at risk for anemia due to her lack of eating iron rich foods cooking in cast iron can be a real life saver.

I love my Cast Iron Pan. Currently I have it greased and with a store bought pizza dough in the pan. I added sauce and cheese and we will have an oven baked pizza soon. It smells amazing and I can tell this was a really good idea.

Go find a vintage Cast Iron pan today. It will make you enjoy cooking again.

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