Freaky Fridays


It’s Friday- and I’m happy about that. But not for the typical “Phew It’s Friday!” reason. Today at 2pm at Lurie Children’s Hospital Chicagoland we are going to see Dr. Sagan, a well known Orthopedic doc to see if she can figure out why my youngest son, age 11 can’t walk. It’s been 2 weeks and 4 days since this happened and nobody knows why. The Pediatrician, The Infectious Disease Doctor, and the Orthopedic have no idea. They are perplexed. The Orthopedic doc doesn’t take it lightly that we are getting a second opinion. He is happy we are- he has no clue what is going on?!

So today- I feel like we are going to have a FREAKY FRIDAY, not the movie version where I wake up and am my daughter and she is me but a medical mystery kind of freaky. The other appointment we do have coming up is with an Ehlers Danlos Genetic specialist, Dr. Brad Tinkle, at Advocate Lutheran General Hospital Chicago. He may be able to shed some light on this as well. If we have a syndrome or a disorder then fine. But please just help my “baby” walk again. Wheelchairs- yeah- it’s all fun and games now but it’s going to get old and get old fast.

I’m keeping busy to reduce my worry about this but it’s getting old too. I’m waking up at 5:30am and talking to you. I’m organizing every nook and cranny of my house. I have donated 10 bags of books to the library this week. I have donated 2 huge green trash bags of clothes, and 6 small ones. I have vacuumed the stairs (I DO NOT VACUUM-my baby does…waaahhhhh). I cleaned our bathroom and organized our closet (hence the clothes donations). I organized the kitchen desk area by purchasing and putting together said desk and I can see the dining room table for the first time in 9 months. I ordered a new Saatva mattress last night for John and myself. This means that soon (in about a week 1/2) Quinn will get our tempurpedic king size bed and Cole will get his full sized bed. This is huge for us. I do not make purchases for “US”- the John and Allie – US. So this week was full of all of that and a few more things too. If my baby doesn’t walk soon people are going to think I am good at organizing and cleaning and I’m NOT.

I unpacked treasures I have had in boxes since we lived in Seattle (yes that means Cole has never seen these because that was 12 years ago!). The Native American girl was hand painted on a ceramic that my Grandmother made. My grandmother, Cecil Pettis, was a Ceramic Artist and painter. The 2 vases and the Bird are also made by my grandmother. I am so lucky to have unearthed the treasures that remind me of my childhood and all of the wonderful art my grandmother made. “Gramma- look down on Meghan- I think she might have picked up a few artistic genes from you!”


I’m so lucky to have documented so many amazing memories. Makes me realize I need to put some more pictures in frames. I forgot to add that I cleaned out the bookcase (book donations- you see the trend here) and put up photographs instead. Fellow homeschoolers- hit the next Palatine Library Book Sale as I donated all of our homeschooling stuff- 10 full bags to the library this week. I also put up photos on the huge blank hallway wall upstairs. I’ll see if I can snap a pic of that later.

So what will I do today? I do not know. I have a craving to get a box of pictures and empty them onto the now clean dining room table and organize them. Send some off to folks- I never was good at sharing them and I probably have some goodies to share with some friends and relatives who would be pleased to get some amazing memories in the mail. Nobody puts pen to paper anymore. I plan to. YES- I think I will do that today. My house needs a rest. It can’t handle my organization. SHhhhh don’t tell it- but I called the carpet cleaners and the whole house is getting cleaned- the floors anyway. It’s probably a good thing I got organized as there isn’t any crap on the floors. That made me fully appreciate how dirty the carpets are….

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