Simple pleasures


Some days you just need a donut. Today was that day. I dropped off our dog at Doggie Playhouse in Palatine, IL. Right next door is Morkes Chocolates which has I heard some delicious donuts. So why not? I bought 2 dozen and I walked one over to the Doggie Playhouse (where our dog goes to daycare once or twice a week for socialization- she was a rescue dog and really needs to be with other dogs on occassion). Sharing just felt good and it made me feel better about my life. Sometimes simple pleasures really do make your day brighter.

I have energy today and I feel like doing simple things today like laundry and tidying up a few things will be enough to get me thru the day. If I am inspired I might tackle the book case that I emptied yesterday. It could use a good dusting and polish and then maybe just maybe I can get back to the basement and bring up the box of my treasures. I have ceramics that my grandmother made and I’d like to get them out and show them off again. Part of me wants to move the bookcase so it’s more visible but I am not sure I have that much strength. Fatigue and lack of energy used to be a problem for me but then I met an Integrative doctor and found Iodine (click and read more) and my life changed.

So for today I’m going to keep it simple. Give the kid a bath, get him to the Orthopedic. Rest. Eat a donut- maybe two- or three..shhhh. Do laundry and rest. Take kid to the Physical Therapy appointment and eat another donut. Sounds like a simple enough day to me 😉

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