Unpack your Bags and feel at home


Ever feel weighed down? Lately our family (or rather since August 2003 when our oldest was born but who’s counting?) has felt bogged down with medical issues. It seems like since our first child was born we have been head down survival mode. Between infantile seizures (that lasted til age 5/6/7 depending on the kid) for all 3 kids to bone fusions and rare orthopedic issues to bleeding disorders and Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia syndrome (have I lost you yet in the medical lingo…) we have had our fair share and beyond of medical things. I haven’t even mentioned the past 6 months- double jaw surgery for husband- finally a cure for my incurable itchy skin and fatigue (thyroid issues) and just in the past 2 weeks a kid that innocently was petting the dog while sitting on the floor and couldn’t get up and hasn’t been able to walk since and is now in a wheelchair being carted from doctor to doctor hoping for an answer. Our bags, our real bags, our emotional bags, they are heavy and they are full.

I am ready to let go. We moved to IL in 2013 but we lived in a rental house so our prized possesions, our family pictures, were never hung up. I want to see them again and remember the life that was before now and rekindle that sense of family and the sense of being home again. We lived in the rental home for 2 years and are now in the house we own in Palatine, IL for 22 1/2 months. We are nearing the 2 year mark and I haven’t put up any family pictures aside from the occasional one. So just now a few moments ago I put up my daughters amazing first framed piece of art (she did it in art class when she was in 1st grade) and 7 amazing family photographs/collages. I am more than at peace. Pieces of me are put back together and my heart is full. I am letting go of the emotional baggage which kept the pictures locked away in boxes. My heart aches for the East Coast and for our families we left behind. It aches back to the days where it was quieter and they were little and we all snuggled under the covers at night.

Today- October 4th 2017- is a good day. It’s rainy/damp out and that’s ok- we’ve been in a drought here and had abnormally warm temps (80’s) the past few weeks. I am worried today- my oldest is dealing with an issue with an extracurricular activity and as parents we are figuring out how to navigate this. I am worried- my youngest is still in the wheelchair and he’s not getting any better but on the bright side he’s not getting any worse and he’s back at school and he’s where he wants to be. He’s happy. I am worried- my daughter is 12 and she’s clueless to the cruelness that is tween/teenager girls. She is a kind hearted adorable and amazing artist with a heart of gold. She’s just not into boys just yet and that is fine by me but I worry that she’ll get teased. She tells me not to fear as “she’s got this!” but I still worry- I’m her mom and that’s my job. Plus I remember middle school and yeah- it wasn’t great for me.

So let’s all make today a good day. Let go of the emotional baggage holding you down. Make your home feel like your home. Renting? Own the Home? In a hotel for a week? Put up a family photo. Call a loved one. Take pen to paper and send someone a meaningful card. Hug someone. Pet your dog. Love someone and be loved. The world is so dark these days and in the light of recent events that have become so commonplace now be sure to smile at everyone you meet. You do not know if someone you smile at might just at that moment drop their emotional baggage and have a brighter day. We could all use a lot less luggage. I’m off to dump a few steamer trunks later…I’ve got that much baggage.

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