Too long Tuesday

I’m getting a jump on Wacky Wednesday. It’s Wednesday on the East Coast already and since I am a Native from Massachusetts I can get started on Wednesday early. Today was a long day (Tuesday) – lots of needless drama. Quick life tip: Be careful what you write in an email. You never know who is going to forward your private thoughts. OYE. becarefulemails

We are active in our Scouting Unit and my oldest has had an issue with another Scout but it really came to a head the other night. I was proud of him for standing up for himself. I really think as parents we have to encourage our kids to Stand Tall- it’s that important.


Our son not only Stood Tall and demanded that the behavior in question stop- he realized he finally needed help from a situation that had been going on far too long. He emailed his Scoutmasters and left it at that. They quickly took the bull by the horns meeting with the parents and Scout tonight and for their swift action I am grateful. What I do not appreciate is the fact that they shared my email response to them with the parents nor do I appreciate the fact that the original email my son sent they also shared with this family. To note- I have no problem with this family. I do have a problem with their son targeting mine. I said something a few times and so didn’t my son but it wasn’t dealt with until he couldn’t take it anymore.

What’s disappointing to me is how communication that was meant to be private was shared so easily with people it was not intended for. My gut reactions, my knee jerk response was meant for 2 sets of eyes only- the Scoutmasters. It was not meant to be shared by others. It was not meant to be viewed by others. I am known to email people directly if I have an issue and I would have happily cc’d this mom/dad if I had felt it was relevant. I was sharing a story with 2 people for a reason- to articulate a point but not to be shown to anyone else.

I have learned my lesson. So as this Too Long Tuesday proves to me, I must remain vigilant. I cannot type a word I do not want the world to see. I cannot mention this or that. It’s not private- not anymore. Even my text message that I sent moments before this meeting occurred was read to the family. That was actually a good thing as it softened my email that wasn’t for their eyes anyway.

So for now- I’m going to go. I’m going to hope that Wednesday is a good day and honestly I hope it’s kinda wacky. I could use a good laugh.

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