Iodine- the in’s the out’s the answers?


My life drastically changed in June 2016. I had been suffering from Chronic fatigue and debilitating itchy skin. I went from doctor to doctor since February and no answers. I landed at an “Integrative Doctor” who gave me some hope. “I can help you,” he said. I wasn’t entirely optimistic. He wanted me to get “grounded” and to “walk with purpose” and “drink more water.” But he also said he was going to “think outside the box.” A few visits later and a few scans later he came up with a plan. He’d done a vaginal ultrasound and a thyroid ultrasound because he felt my issues of fatigue might have stemmed from thyroid issues and he felt my irregular cycle could have stemmed with ovary issues. Well he was 2 for 2 because the scans showed that I had 2 small growths on my thyroid. The bloodwork concurred- I had hypothyroid (an underactive thyroid). The other scan showed that I had a nasty ovarian cyst. Well that explained a lot! Treatment- “take Iodine,” and let’s get you seen by a Gynecological Surgeon!

Iodine? Why the heck would I take Iodine and why would I need it? Isn’t Iodine in our food? In our salt? Iodine has amazing properties- it can shrink ovarian cysts and reduce pain, help PMS symptoms and shrink fibroids and much more. Iodine deficiency was prevalent in the United States until Morton Salt added iodine in 1924 at request of the government because people in the area of the Midwest were not getting enough iodine in their diets due to the fact it was not present in the soil in the area and the fact that folks were not eating enough seafood (Iodine is found in seaweed and seafood primarily). What people do not realize is that Iodine benefits decrease when you cook it. So if I add salt to the pot of water boiling for my pasta- it’s not helping me.

So after looking into it I began taking Iodine. I began reading about it. I learned that Japanese intake¬†of Iodine is higher due to the diet of seaweed based products. There is lower rates of breast cancer and thyroid disease.* It took me 30 days to get into the Surgeon to look at the ovarian cyst. I had begun Iodine in mid August 2016. My appointment with her was in late September. I had a vaginal ultrasound to check on the “alarming size” of the cyst. It had shrunk 30%. She prepared me for the fact that I would most likely need a hysterectomy. I left the appointment shaken and upset that I would need major surgery. I asked if I could wait- ” Can I wait 60 days to decide? Maybe the Cyst will shrink some more.” She agreed and we waited.

So in mid December I went back preparing for a talk about surgery. I did another vaginal ultrasound (those things are not pleasant) and the tech kept saying “Wait, hmm…let me see here…” and she finally said “I have got to ask if this is your previous scan. Something isn’t right here.” I was freaking out. I’m on the table in a very compromising position and I have to pee like a race horse- they make you drink copious amounts of water prior to the ultrasound. She comes back and says “Well that’s interesting, the cyst is gone. Get dressed while I get the doctor.”

Sure enough the cyst was gone. It was a complex cyst- partially fluid filled- partially solid. It was 2x3x2 cm when it was first found in August of 2016 and by December it was gone. GONZO, bye-bye. I was spared surgery, my cycle had returned to it’s normal peri-menopausal state of every 26-32 days and life was good. The other neat things that happened were is my energy returned. It returned to the point where I didn’t tell people I suffered from Chronic Fatigue anymore. My brain fog lifted and I was “back to normal.” I’d been complaining since I was 37 that something wasn’t quite right. I was born in 1972 – so do the math. I was over 40 when this all went down.

I won’t tell you to take Sea-Iodine Capsules that is a personal choice and one you should consult a doctor to figure out but I will tell you that taking Iodine changed my life.

*Note that I am NOT a doctor and I am NOT giving medical advice. I am sharing my journey to newfound health and how I think I achieved that.

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