Tackle Tuesdays- Take TWO!


So it’s Tuesday and here I am again- planning on tackling something in the house. Some corner that has gone neglected. I really should have morphed Monday’s accomplishments into Tuesday because boy oh boy our bedroom is so clean and organized! I cleaned on Monday to handle the stress of the Las Vegas shooting and to distract myself. Today- it’s Tuesday and I have things to tackle!


Last Tuesday inspired me as I also organized our back hall (mudroom) and installed a coat rack and shoe rack. That corner of our world is now organized. PHEW! It not only looks good but it’s fully functional and since Saturday it looks exactly the same. People are actually putting their shoes back there! Pigs must be flying and hell has frozen over!

So back to today- what will I accomplish? Kitchen is clean- shocking I know. I think I will tackle the Dining room or the Basement. Basement is enticing because it’s where all Holiday bins live and nothing ever gets put back where it should be. Dining room is good because the dining table (ha ha- the place junk lands and dies) is covered with stuff. Only problem is – it’s my desk til I buy one and what will I do? – just pile it somewhere else?

I think it’s the basement. I’ll try and remember to do before and after pics. I’ve got 4 hours of spare time today and I plan to make the best of it. What are you going to tackle today?

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