Meaningful Mondays


Today I woke up and heard the news- 50 dead hundreds injured in Las Vegas. They were there enjoying themselves at a concert and life was ended with bullets shattering their lives and the lives of all around them. Life for them will never be the same and for 50 of them their lives ended last night. It’s really kind of hard to look at Monday as Meaningful today but I am not going to let one person -one person who chose to destroy lives ruin this country or ruin my day. I am going to do something meaningful today.

I had planned on making up a Thanksgiving basket for the Palatine Township Food pantry. I still will but today I am going to go buy diapers and wipes (items that the food pantry is always in need of- especially the larger sizes 4/5). I am going to do something meaningful today. I have a feeling I’m going to do a lot of things today that are positive because I feel like a HUGE dose of positivity will help me but it also helps the world.


It’s not easy to wake up to such gruesome news and think- yeah today I’m going to make the world a better place. But you know what? We have to. We all have to do our part. We have to help the mom with the grocery cart when her arms are chock full putting her kids in the car. We have to help the senior citizen who can’t reach that can of soup- we have to reach it for her. Why? Because we share this world together. I am not sure why people choose to shoot other people. These people are disturbed and that is not ok but it also could be like other situations we’ve read too much about lately. These people were loners who were ALONE in the world, got angry and killed people. I’ll leave my thoughts on guns out of this. But I think that if we all take the time to smile at people. If we take the time to be positive and help our fellow Americans maybe we can smile at the lonely guy or gal. Maybe we can make a person who might just be the next shooter consider that they are NOT alone and that it’s going to be ok.

Mental illness is not a death sentence but it can be if people are not treated. People choose to kill themselves or others when they are mentally ill and I do not know who the person was that did the shooting or why they did it and I do not care. I want to do something meaningful today because I know there are folks that need a boost that need to know that someone cares. I do not know if I’ll ever be the one to stop something bad from happening but NOBODY can stop me from doing something good.

something good

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