Sunny Sundays


It doesn’t have to actually be Sunny out to have a “Sunny Sunday.” All you need is a positive attitude and in my case a cup of coffee or tea and the day is already starting out great. I think it may be sunny here today but it’s darn cold out this morning. Well cold is a relative term. It’s a brisk fall morning and cold compared to our recent 7 day-90 degree + – heat wave in Chicagoland. It’s due to be warm again starting tomorrow (80’s) but today- it’s chilly. Fifties and brisk at 6:53am. I just took our dog, Snickers, for a walk and life is good.

Life isn’t technically all “good” but I choose to say it is and when you say things they become the truth. It’s a very important thing to remember. You can say negative things and they tend to become true too. I used to be like that and there are some days I revert to my “oh woe is me” attitude but today I choose to be “Sunny”- I choose to be happy.

Sundays represent family time to me. As a kid it was the day you went to church (Sometimes we went Saturday evening) and the day you had a family dinner (2pm). It was a day you played board games or took a walk or rode your bike. It was always a fun day. The end of Sunday always stunk because that meant Monday was coming. Back to school or work and the fun came to an end. Today in our hectic and modern time and the fact that our families no longer live close enough to do Sunday dinners Sundays represent family time but just in a different construct.

Sunday here today will mean a family breakfast- something I concoct because I am the first one up on Sundays (dog walker) and because it’s the one meal everyone can agree on. (I have picky eaters.) What the rest of the day will entail depends but it will be a good day for all of us because it can be. It’s all about our mindset. If someone wakes up in a bad mood it will be my goal to change that. Kids need behavior modeled and they need to see the world as a place of opportunity and not the negative space it has become.

Every single day of the year can be sunny- it just can be. Every day we wake up and we have the amazing potential to make it a great day. Smile- that is my first tip- always walk around with a smile. It brightens your mood and those around you. Laugh- find something funny to watch or read. Laughter always helps. And set realistic expectations of yourself. There is nothing like waking up and asking yourself to accomplish a huge task and then failing at it and feeling horrible. Instead- break down the big task into smaller chunks. Heck if you do a few of the chunks in one day – fantastic. But know that one chunk is enough.

So make the most of today- make your Sunday Sunny. It’ll make the entire week start off on a good note!


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