Simple Saturdays


As I sit her I know it’s time to grab a cup of coffee on this quiet Saturday morning. After a busy week of school and for us a lot of doctor appointments and purchase of a wheelchair I’m done. I’m tired and I want to go back to bed. But I am also happy. Happy that today is Saturday and I’m going to implement Simple Saturdays going forward or I might lose my damn mind if I don’t.

Today we have plans of some sort like we always do but this Saturday I am going into them with ease. Boy Scout popcorn sale- 2 hours- I got this. The van is full of pop-corn so the wheelchair won’t fit. But my husband will follow me- leave his car for me- and go grab the wheelchair kid (not disrespecting the child but this is new for us and hopefully not for long so he’s the wheelchair kid- so there!). So today is simple – it is because I need it to be, I crave it to be and so it will be- SIMPLE.

After the sale I have carved out some friend time, a rare occurrence for me. My friend’s cousin, Carol, suffers from Appendix Cancer and to throw a spotlight on the disease and to spread awareness and raise funds Carol has made amazing “Forever Flowers.” These flowers are made from glass bowls, plates and other items and are placed on a rod that goes into the ground. They can also be displayed indoors using a plate rack. (One of the flowers I bought is the middle top standing between my two Hydrangea and it’s beautiful- the photo does not do it justice.) Here’s the link to Forever Flowers by Carol.

So that is what I am doing today- going to drive about an hour to spend time with a friend and be supportive of someone I do not know but someone who is brave and strong and gives me the courage to make today simple. Sometimes you just need to breathe and be one with the universe to realize that the world is simply going too fast. You must take time for YOU in ¬†order to reboot and cope with life’s many challenges. Today I will be simple so that I can be the best ME I can be the rest of the week. Tomorrow is a new day and a new start to a brand new week and it’s going to be a busy one.

3 thoughts on “Simple Saturdays

  1. We were just discussing appendix cancer yesterday. It is very rare and apparently very ugly. Sending good wishes to Carol’s cousin. May Carol sell many flowers in support.

  2. It’s very rare- her idea of selling flowers to raise awareness is a beautiful tribute to her legacy of sharing her story of appendix cancer and hopefully spreading awareness and raising funds to continue research.

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