Be Resourceful


So today ended up being what I was afraid of a fiasco. But being resourceful as we tend to be at Chez Gillies we made it work. Order for a wheelchair- perfect. No need to panic. We go to where we were told to get one- they don’t sell or rent wheelchairs any longer. BUT they were really nice and gave me the numbers of two places that did. So I called them. One hung up on me after I told them what our insurance was and the second let us know they don’t take insurance but she kindly shared she had a 16″ narrow wheel chair that was gently used for the taking.

Since we were near Culvers we opted to have lunch- it was about that time anyway and who can say NO to their custard! (I have to as I’m lactose intolerant but this was for the boy and he said “YES!”) So after lunch we headed to Buffalo Grove and purchased a used wheelchair. Quite the steal actually. Just under $130 and far easier to swallow than renting one for about $50/week. We ran around a lot and several hours had passed and I didn’t realize the car gas light went on. We depart from the wheelchair store and I see “12 miles til empty” – well surely we can get to a gas station easily. I put my GPS on to get home and don’t you know it took us over hill and dale (fastest way home but NO GAS STATIONS in sight!) and we rolled into the gas station about 2 blocks from our house with “1 mile til empty” sign. Holy Moly- really? By the skin of our teeth we made it. My gas tank is supposed to be 19 gallons. Well I filled it with 19.69 gallons so yeah- we were on fumes!

So that was our Thursday- running around -getting home in the nick of time to get my daughter from middle school and then back home in time for the youngest- injured one- to have his trumpet lesson. Later on Cole and I went to the store to figure out a solution for a wheel chair tray. We searched high and low for a lap desk. We had to get one that could prop on top of the wheelchair arms vs on his lap as pressure on his thighs is unbearable. So after finding a pink one and a purple one which he was more than happy to accept we found in the clearance section a $8.99 one! Well dang nab it if we didn’t snatch that right up. I am not fond of shopping at Hobby Lobby but this was a necessity to get a lap desk asap so I left my principles at the door and purchased it. Hopefully my $10 purchase won’t make or break me.

So yeah – Thursday was about being resourceful and making lemonade out of lemons.


(Note the pink accents on the lap desk. It has a groovy cup holder and pencil holder though so that’s the cat’s meow!)

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