Wacky Wednesdays


Today is like any other day in our life- Wacky. This year has been a huge change for us. We went from all 3 kids homeschooling (past 5 years) back to public school this past August. School in Illinois starts earlier than we are accustomed to- August 14th for High School and August 16th for K-8. It was a hard first week but they adjusted well and are all doing fine. Well I’ll use the word “all” loosely.

So last week- Monday night- after a regular school day and a normal Monday night for the boys (Boy Scouts) our youngest son (age 11) was petting our dog and eeking out every last minute of “downstairs time” before he was supposed to get to reading in bed. He was dragging it out and when he went to get up he couldn’t. I was like “Seriously! YOU NEED TO GET TO BED!” and he laid there for a minute and then stretched out his legs and got up although dramatically limping. “YOU’RE FINE!” I told him. His Dad put him to bed. See I’m the Advancement Chair for Scouts and I had some data entry to do and that is how my Monday’s go. Two and 1/2 hour meeting and then about 30 minutes online afterwards. I am tired and cranky and so isn’t my “mini me” – the 11 yr old. He’s been the “90 year-old-man” for years now. Aches and pains, “oh my foot hurts” or “my side” for years now. I thought his leg pain was just that- growing pains or just over emphasizing it for my benefit. Apparently I was wrong.

Tuesday was band drop off day- so it was not unusual in the car line to drop him off and go without looking back. I’d made eye contact with the band teacher who held the door for him. I had NO idea he was limping when he went in. Surely I would have called the doctor then. Two thirty Tuesday afternoon- geesh- I am running late- I have to go walk to get the child. Mind you- age 11- 6th grader doesn’t need me to get him but the dog needs a walk at that time of day and he enjoys it. We do not meet him at school we meet him on the corner near the school. I get there- LATE- and no kid. Keep walking- NO KID- keep walking more- NO KID. I get to the crosswalk in front of the school and this child- this healthy 11 year old boy can barely walk. He’s lugging his trumpet, his chrome book, and his heavy back-pack and limping severely. OMG- did he hurt himself at recess? Gym? WHAT- my mini me says ” MOM- I went to school like this! WHAT DO YOU EXPECT! I CAN’T WALK- MY LEG HURTS!”

So off to the doctor we went which led to a long week of waiting- pain- no answers and landing at Orthopedics on Friday afternoon- last appointment of the day with the best local guy around. X-rays show nothing- pain shows – something- so what do we do next? Pediatrician thinks and gets in touch with our local large hospital (teaching hospital with lots of amazing docs and a pediatric center). They confer and decide we should go to infectious disease to check for Lyme or ??? And so we do. Off to the hospital 10am yesterday. Prepared the kid for blood work. This doc was so insistent that with a clean MRI (did I mention the MRI came back clear- it was done of the hip and hip only) there was no need for us to be seen by her nor for any tests to be done. She happily explained Lyme disease and how it would show swelling in the hip area if that was the issue. “What if it’s in his knee that was nor MRI’d?” I asked. I see no reason to do further testing and so we were sent home with no answers and no care plan. Hmmm.

I made a call to his pediatrician. Rest and heat and advil- keep it up he said. Um – ok? Do I call Orthopedic? “Yes- tell him what the other doc said.” Ok- so I put in a call to Orthopedic and go home. My kid is exhausted- I’m exhausted and I need to run to my part time job (simple- one hour or less) and popped back home. Orthopedic calls back and is anxious to know what testing was done so he can know if it’s Orthopedic or Infectious diseases issue. I inform him no testing was done and this man- this very dry Orthopedic doc with a soft spoken manner says “WAIT? WHAT did you just say?” and a very silly conversation ensues with us both basically saying “Seriously! NO- I will write the lab work myself!” And so thanks to the Orthopedic we hope to have answers today. Test results! They tested for Lyme and other inflammatory diseases. This may just be the beginning or I honestly hope the end for my boy. He is in pain albeit it not a lot if he’s in the recliner or in bed. But this kid- this 11 year old kid- is not one to lie in bed. He’s not one to be tired all the time. He’s not one to lay in the recliner for hours on end. This kid gets up and runs, this kid wrestles with his brother, this kid giggles and plays with his sister on her bed for hours tossing their stuffed animals in the air (shhhh- I didn’t just tell you that). This kid does NOT rest like this. He just doesn’t so that alone tells me there is something wrong and I just hope it’s nothing major.

So that is our Wacky Wednesday. I am hoping to get to the grocery store, I am hoping the Orthodontist appointment later for my 12 yr old daughter goes well (they are installing a spring and I was told it’s very painful during/after- YIPPEE) and my husband who is 9 weeks post-op for major double jaw surgery gets on a plane for the first time since surgery for work. Yeah- just another Wacky Wednesday here. Tomorrow is Thursday and I hope it’s a “Thoughtful Thursday” or a “Trouble FREE Thursday” as we go back to the Orthopedic at 10am and find out what the heck the plan is.

This kid who homeschooled for 5 years is loving school- or rather liking it enough to miss being there- but I can tell you homeschooling myself is a lot easier than doing all the classwork/teaching from school at home. Home is not the same as a classroom and vice versa and I’m tired. After he finishes his breakfast I will sit with him and go over his work and he will then complete it. We’ll drop it off this afternoon and pick up todays. Hoping this ends by Friday. I’m done with Wednesday already and it’s only 9am.

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