Tackle IT!

tackle tuesday

Tuesdays have a new name – “Tackle Tuesdays”- it’s where I meet a house crisis head on. Last week I tackled the kitchen. I cleaned very nook and cranny and it was wonderful. I organized while I blasted ’80’s music and cleaned til the place shined and also more importantly I could find STUFF.

Today- was also Tuesday and I was aiming to do my dining room today but instead a health situation- darn child- ruined that idea but not the idea of Tackle Tuesdays.

It’s important to tackle the chaos in your life. Be it Tuesday or any other day. Carve out time- it does not need to be a whole day. Heck Saturday- I went in for battle to buy a new bra. Yup- battle bra Saturday. I successfully after giving myself a rather long pep-talk bought 2 bras. TWO- PEOPLE- TWO! I knew my size after being sized at Nordstrom and purchasing 2 there at a ridiculous cost. I needed more. Back up bras, nice for under tee shirt bras- comfy bras that worked with my narrow rib cage 34 band size and my less than small DD chest.

I did it- and I feel great!

So do it- tackle something- be it big or small. And you will feel pretty darn amazing when you are done doing whatever IT is!

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