A load of laundry a day to curb the chaos


It might not seem like a big deal but having the laundry under control gives me some sort of piece and order in our crazy lives. When we moved into our current house in November of 2015 I was unaware of how much I would love our laundry chute. I can tell you now that I am IN LOVE with it. Utterly and completely in love. A simple metal chute that goes from the 2nd floor to the 1st floor and you’d think I had been given the greatest gift in the world (and maybe I have been). It leads to order. I check the closet hamper (the chute goes into a broom closet downstairs) and when it’s full I sort the laundry and get cracking. With a family of 5 it’s full every other day.

I have a separate hamper upstairs for towels (just outside the bathroom for convenience and to eliminate wet/moldy laundry). We are lucky to have a mudroom which has the washer/dryer and a short shelving unit. This allows for 2 square baskets to sit on top of it. It also allows me to be accountable with the laundry. There is only enough for 2 loads to back up. I take the clothes hamper out of the downstairs closet. I walk it 5 feet to the washer and toss in the dirty load say darks and I put the lights into one of the empty baskets on the shelf. It keeps me grounded. Sorted- order- clean clothes. I do at least one load of laundry a day- and the system keeps working.

I change sheets every other week (but weekly because I do 2 beds one week and 2 beds the next). That is what is usually in the other basket on the shelf (dirty sheets). If you have a delayed timer on your washing machine you can toss in a load of dirty laundry before you go to bed and it’ll be washed and ready for the dryer when you wake up. It’s these simple things that make my world go round.

I am teaching the kids how to do laundry too. They ¬†will eventually do their own but for now the simple act of doing 1 load a day keeps me grounded. It keeps the chaos at bay. I can find a few moments of solace knowing that something in my world is going right and for that I’ll be thankful.

I should let you go so I can pop in a load- I haven’t done one today and I don’t want to get behind or let the chaos back in.

2 thoughts on “A load of laundry a day to curb the chaos

  1. I’m so jealous of your laundry chute. If I can’t have first floor laundry, then my dream is a chute.
    I also feel a sense of calm at empty hampers.

  2. It really is a love-affair- the chute. There are kits apparently to install one and videos on how to on you-tube maybe that would be a “true love” gift. If we didn’t have one I think I’d have asked for one to be installed. It’s truly magical and empty hampers are amazing.

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